Cathode Raybots Review Video/Updates

2013-02-11 17:13:40 by RealFaction

Random, but I'm still bothered by the fact that I was the only person who had a song in Castle Crashers who didn't get fame from it, yet my song did...:/ hmm.

Cathode Raybots

For those who don't know, I have a review show called The Dish Out that reviews underground content like the stuff on Newgrounds, I want to help people having a hard time getting out there so I'm trying to get the ball rolling. Gamer's Corner is a new segment, we'll be reviewing more games in the future. Garrett and I reviewed Cathode Raybots, so check it out and subscribe to our youtube channel! :)

Hire me?

I'm still looking for work as a music producer, I'm cheap, so if you know anyone who needs music for anything, let me know, I could use the money right now. Message me for details.

Deluxe Edition Album Release

On February 15th, the deluxe edition of Planet Pulse will be on my Bandcamp. Check out my other stuff there.

P.S. Is anyone else sick of all the shitty Game Grumps animations taking up space on newgrounds and youtube? Say NO to squiggly lines and lazy animation! Someone suggested I make a song for game grumps, but then I told them I'm not a suck up for fame, I'm better than that. Well, at least finally SpeedoSausage made some justice and put them in their place, I salute you sir.


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