Interview with the Movie Trailer Voiceover Guy?!?

2013-03-20 18:31:45 by RealFaction

I have a show called The Dish Out on my other youtube channel. We review underground content like music, art, animation, etc. Most of it comes from here on Newgrounds. We've started a new segment where we interview people such as Jon Bailey. You may not know his name, but he's done voices for a lot of movie trailers, Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and even has his voice in toys! On his channel he does toy reviews.

He's a real genuine guy and it was a thrill to interview him. If you would like us to review your music, art, etc, message me!
Check us out at

Okay so remember when I made the Necromancer theme song for Castle Crashers under the name Piercing Lazer? Piercing Lazer is coming back as a recording band with the original two members: Me and Dustin, as well as Garrett our new member. We plan on releasing new music and covering old songs from the original album.


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2013-03-20 20:02:42

Ha! Jon... He's a cool guy. He's got some content coming to newgrounds as well.

RealFaction responds:

Yeah he's awesome, and what content would that be?


2013-03-20 20:03:33

Great interview too, I might add.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! We hope to interview more people in the future. I only wish Soma hadnt cut Jon off at times and acted so "fanboyish" but he's a huge fan of Jon lol. Next time though I'll be there, just been sick lately so haven't been appearing in the latest The Dish Out episode and such.


2013-03-20 23:48:35

Well, I guess I should say he's got some stuff that MIGHT be on newgrounds. Don't mean to speak out of turn. Hehe.

RealFaction responds:

very confusing. I don't recall him ever doing anything for newgrounds


2013-03-21 04:28:34

Looks like I'm watching the Dish Out in Optimus Prime's voice, hah. Nice interview!

RealFaction responds:



2013-03-21 05:14:04

Check my news feed, for some "additional information".

RealFaction responds:



2013-03-21 06:53:42

That voice is facemeltingly good.

RealFaction responds:

yeah he's great :)


2013-03-22 01:33:50

Very interesting person! Thanks for doing this!

RealFaction responds:

thanks! We hope to do more interviews of different people in the near future :)