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2013-04-05 17:02:42 by RealFaction


Real quick, check out my Bandcamp (, you'll find my albums there. Any donations appreciated.

Underground Artists Show

For over a year, me and my friends have been doing a show that promotes and reviews underground musicians, artists, animators, etc. It's called The Dish Out. We haven't seen as much support for the show as we'd like but we want to help you guys get out there. We're looking for people to interview and content to review and feature.

For more info, check our website and join the forums if you'd like!
Also subscribe to our youtube if you wish:
Upcoming Projects

Guild Dungeons 2: To have a song in this game is really an honor. Hyptosis is one of my favorite artists here on ng, I love his work. Can't wait till the game comes out, I've beta tested it, and hold your pants guys, this sequel blows the first away. The song I made that's in the game was inspired by the first game :)

VOEC: I can't quite say what her next game will be but it looks interesting and I'm going to make a SOUNDTRACK for it. I may release the tracks on youtube and bandcamp too if she's ok with it, not definite yet. I look forward to when it's done though :)

Crows and Embryos: This is a pop album I'm making. No...not one of those shitty albums you hear from the radio, . I really put my heart into this to make it at least slightly different, mainly with the lyrics to have real meaning and not: "oh baby" or "in the club" every damn minute. No cliches there. I'm still working on it and recovering from 5 month Bronchitis so...on hold for now.


When You Contact Me:

UPDATE: Well looks like people just don't know how to read either -___- still contacting me and not reading this.

This might make me sound like a total pretentious asshole, but I won't work with just anyone. I'm also very frustrated and shocked at how uneducated people are (a lot of the ones who contact me), so I'm writing this because I'm frustrated. I want to work with someone who puts their heart into their work or at least know what they're doing, and I have a LOT of users contact me having no idea what they're talking about. Sometimes horrible grammar or sentence fragments. Here's some tips for you if you want to work with me:

1. Don't Be Over-Egotistical. Do NOT have a message with a wink smiley or major ego grin smiley unless you REALLY know what you're talking about. I have a lot of people just starting out and have no idea what they're doing who do this, they're way ahead of themselves and I automatically ignore this. Again, not trying to be an asshole, but seriously egotistical artists I do NOT respect. Not even the popular artists like that who have their head up their ass. I respect artists who are in the realm of REALITY. For example, I always know I can improve my work, I'm not the best but I am experienced, but I don't go strutting about it.

2. Grammar. Simply grammar, having the common sense to type right and not some random crap like a sentence fragment. It's VERY confusing and shows lack of your structure. I mainly mean putting words next to each other right and "not talking like caveman from early age". I'm not asking for master writers here, just talk like you're educated.

3. Have Experience. I cannot stress how many people contact me just starting out or have made very simplistic artwork. You need more experience. Take time to sharpen your skills, and don't just rush to it thinking you can work with anyone because "you can sort of draw". :/ People contact me with no proof of previous work, I need to see stuff you've done before, not an empty plate.

I'm not putting myself on a throne here so get your mind out of that gutter, I'm just saying to work with me I have to respect you and your work. You don't have to be the best, just know what you're doing. Really take your time to improve your skills.

Anyways if anyone's even read this far, have a good one and check out The Dish Out. Random shout out: HalcyonicFalconX, hope you feel better from your illness. Thank you for being one of my biggest supporters.


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2013-04-05 17:35:36

"This might make me sound like a total pretentious asshole"
Whole post kinda came off that way :L

Regardless, thats a really awesome and noble thing to do, promoting other peoples art forms.
Lot of respect for you for doing that.
Keep it up brah, gonna forward this to some mates who might like to get involved.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Yeah I don't mean to come off as an asshole but the people who contacted me forced my hand to write out my frustration with the fact that all these egotistical kids think they know what they're doing when they clearly do not they're too confident in their poor work and cant see they need work.

Also thanks, yeah I got tired of big names like youtube channels who never take the time to be a gateway to anyone else and be a helping hand in a community. If our show ever makes it big, we want to be the popular channell that helps people rather than be egotistical dicks like some channels. Though, any suggestions on how i can make this post not make me sound like an ass?


2013-04-05 18:55:58

Just keep doing what your doing man.
So what if a single post comes off a bit bad, I think as long as your intention is noble nothing else will matter.
I support this though 100%.

RealFaction responds:

thanks, I really appreciate it. I just didn't want people to get the wrong ideas lol


2013-04-05 22:07:28

I don't think I have anything really worth bragging about, but go talk with Twisted4000, he's one talented dude!

RealFaction responds:

Ok cool thanks


2013-04-06 01:17:47

Thank you for the mention, it means a lot.

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3

RealFaction responds:

you're welcome <3 miss you


2013-04-06 02:48:19

Chkn out the show!

RealFaction responds:

Awesome thanks :)


2013-04-06 15:25:41

I sadilly dno't thank i haev the grammatical proficiencies required for collaborational attemptions. Good riddance with those projects!

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Haha. Actually the people who contact me are way worse than that believe it or not xD it's sad. I don't mean to make fun of them but as said before people just gotta be educated more lol


2013-04-06 16:02:52

Honestly, you'd be surprised how many folks with no quality submissions or even works (I am not even talking about an actual portfolio) think they are capable of contributing to a healthy collaboration between artists on a certain level.
I've heard your music portal submissions and played castle crashers - a judging from that I gotta say I really enjoyed your work, and you've definitely reached a certain milestone in your skill - so the way I see it is there's no need to apologize for sounding like a dick or anything, all you're doing in asking for other people not to waste your time.
In short, thanks for organizing something like that, and good luck.
Looking forwards to the results.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Yeah :/ it is quite sad. I like artists who say "this is where i am now, but over there is where I want to be, so let's take time patiently so i can improve my skills as an artist". But yeah basically, and thanks


2013-04-07 02:07:14

Good luck, hopefully you can get some freaking quality from this community.
Going through the audio portal can be painful to find anything good nowadays!

RealFaction responds:

yeah but i've found some good artists


2013-04-07 04:16:49

Your survey entry: 12

RealFaction responds:

yes finally! haha forever ago but yes! :D im excited to read, thanks


2013-04-07 21:57:54

still supporting you XD, no you don't sound like an asshole just some one with experience...

RealFaction responds:



2013-04-22 17:23:40

i am able to make up ideas that normally can sound quite good just with ADD and ADHD it can be a pain for me to even sit and type

RealFaction responds:

man sorry to hear i can imagine