I Have a Secret...

2013-07-12 21:22:02 by RealFaction

You can save up to 15% on car insurance by switching to....what? Anyways! Recently I organized the A.I.M. (Art-Inspired Music) contest which had a HUGE amount of support by a LOT of people, it's great! It was a lot of fun. Here are the results to that contest, as well as a video. Thanks to Luwano for the awesome artwork!

A.I.M. Contest Results: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1344605


Album: http://artinspiredmusic.bandcamp.com/

Let me tell ya, was a LOT of hard work but well worth it! Thank you Tom Fulp for frontpaging this event and supporting it, I want to do it again later this year, not sure when but stay tuned!

Help me get more music business?

I'll make music for you for cheap whether it's for a game, for listening to, whatever! Just shoot me a message and we'll negotiate prices, I need the money and I love making music for people.


Shout out to my pal Evil-Dog for giving me some insanely sick drumkit samples to use for my future music, you rock broseph! Also shoutout to Back-From-Purgatory for putting up with my nonsense and overall being supportive with this contest and hard working. Same could be said with HalcyonicFalconX who also judged the competition and worked hard and pulled through in the crisis during the competition, you work hard girl!

Other than that, working on my new album to be released next month, and made a remix of Dr. Mario that I uploaded so stay tuned! Love you guys.

- Real Faction


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2013-07-13 00:05:32

I'd like to hear more about your car insurance deal sir.

RealFaction responds:

I was going to say GEICO, i kinda missed that old joke me and my old friends used to throw around whenever someone said they had bad news, then said "but I do have good news" then threw that line out there lol.


2013-07-13 01:08:59

that's cool and all but going back to that car insurance...

RealFaction responds:

Well as mentioned below, kinda an old joke but I was gonna say GEICO because of their tagline, me and my buddies used to throw around the joke whenever someone said there's bad news lol


2013-07-13 01:47:57

So you're selling car INSURANCE?

RealFaction responds:

Nah, just an inside joke. I'm selling my music services however as you see :P


2013-07-13 04:17:06

So I hear you're selling car insurance, I would like to know more about the going rates you have to offer. Will my vehicle get safe-driver discounts, and am I covered for environmental hazards? :U

RealFaction responds:

Haha....i really didnt expect so many comments about the tagline LOL xD i should do this more often. Man this is too great. Truthfully though i don't know much about car insurence.


2013-07-13 04:17:55

The car Insurance is not that lie

RealFaction responds:

Well technically about GEICO, it's not a lie from what I know, but thats just an inside joke that started the post and isnt even the point but it certainly got attention xD haha


2013-07-13 09:01:37

My car is pretty busted up sooo...

RealFaction responds:

Ouch! Sorry to hear. Good thing you're on Newgrounds, good way to kill time till it gets fixed.


2013-07-13 12:54:45

Will you do competitive pricing on that insurance? My insurance is already a pretty good deal.

RealFaction responds:

Well...haha that's good then. If it's good, don't change it


2013-07-13 15:21:52

damn i need that car insurance...

RealFaction responds:

Doesn't everyone? lol


2013-07-13 17:15:06

Good luck with your next A.I.M. whenever that may be...

Sidenote: The link to Back-From-Purgatory's page is broken.

RealFaction responds:

oh geez thanks for point that out! I fixed it :) and thank you, the next contest will be a few months if not less though not entirely sure, we shall see :)