The Faction Report (7/18/2013)

2013-07-18 22:50:46 by RealFaction

So I started doing this thing called "The Faction Report" because I now have 2,000 subscribers on youtube and need to dedicate more time to editing for my fans, and figured this is a more effective way to update and interact with them.

Art-Inspired Music Contest Playlist

I'm uploading the songs from the A.I.M. contest that landed on the contest album, uploading them DAILY so check this playlist on a daily basis for new songs: doLaiLNIv3UwdgeU6Acrdsa

PS: I can't believe I'm in the 1st Round of the NGADM X___X such an honor! Good luck everyone :D


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2013-07-19 17:45:36

stop calling yourself necromancere theme creator its needy and insecure and clinging onto your past

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

You don't get it, I TRIED to move on from the past but no one ever does, no matter what I say, they won't check out my other music, people still don't know i made the song and it pisses me off. People say "why dont you make new music" to me ALL of the time. This is the only way I can really get out there and I DO feel bad, but I want people to realize I work harder on my music now and I feel I deserve at least a little recognition, not to sound like a prick. I have fun with what i do but it just annoys me, this truth. If I'm to be successful, I have to slowly drag these people away from that song and show them I'm more than just a "one hit wonder", which wasnt even really that great of a song anyway.

I'm not going to be reduced to someone who can make some song out of the crappy Slayer guitars and thats it, I'm much more capable of more than that.


2013-07-20 04:08:25

so emotional for you :| :)

RealFaction responds: honestly is. Hard work and determination with a real drive to show the world everything I'm capable of. But in the meantime, having fun making music for people while in the process making a small profit doing what I love to do.


2013-07-20 05:59:23

im diggin it man, keep us notified and keep up the good work!

RealFaction responds:

thanks :) wil do!


2013-07-20 10:58:40

Are u ready for me, dude??!!!! MUAHAHAHA... IT'S ON!!!

RealFaction responds:

I must admit you are one fine musician, I like your music. Good luck :) it will definitely be challenging.