Want custom music? Also NEW ALBUM soon!

2013-08-18 11:49:40 by RealFaction

I'm your guy. I'm offering my musician services for your games, videos, or music just to listen to! My only restriction is I don't do music for explicit adult content (pornography). I do a LOT of genres so shoot me a message and we'll talk prices, I really could use the support and business right now.

Also, updates on my new album coming in ONE WEEK!, new music, etc, it's another Faction Report below! Click the link! :D


Here's the new single, "Dark City" featuring my friend Zach Holsclaw on the screams and my singing.

Here's the album trailer: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/623949

Aaand I recently interviewed Back From Purgatory, check it out!


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2013-08-18 12:58:19

oh! it would be nice : )

I'll have you in count!

RealFaction responds:

thanks! :)


2013-08-25 07:33:08

One more day to go until your Album release!
How are you feeling?

RealFaction responds:

yep! I'm feeling alright thanks.