2013-08-26 05:21:38 by RealFaction

So my new album is finally out, and got a website in the works thanks to a friend, plus a new logo on the way! Download the 15 track album for only $5! Would mean a lot, I REALLY want to get this out there so spread the word! Click the link below!

O-Tone did an AMAZING job with the artwork you can find here:

Psst, if you like my facebook and leave a comment there if you buy the album, you'll get a FREE track from my NEXT album Volume 2 not expected until early 2014!



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2013-08-26 18:53:34

About my review on the album movie. i'm really sorry that you were dissapointed.

But, you have to agree that i was rating on MOVIE content, on the movie portal!
If i were rating music content i would give it a five, but that's not the case.

Sorry bud but, the video was just an unmoving image with your music (wich is awesome btw)

I guess you will be angry anuway...
Good luck though : )

RealFaction responds:

Hmm....good point. Thanks though. You make a good point.