To Castle Crasher Fans / Writer's Block Over!

2013-09-30 19:08:05 by RealFaction

My writer's block is over and I'm getting business also so life is good! However, I could use more business, so if you know anyone who would like to hire me to make them a song for a game, animation, youtube theme song, just to listen to, or whatever, then send them my way! :)

Check out the new song I did, it's a rock cover (sorta) of Back-From-Purgatory's "Rain"

Castle Crasher Necromancer Theme Fans

There are a lot of fans of the Necromancer Theme song (I made the song) that haven't bothered to listen to what I have to say on my channel in the video and comments, they've asked me to do a lot and I've done all these requests hoping I could please them and asking them to check out my other stuff....but nope, they haven't.

So, I decided to make a video hoping I don't make them feel attacked, just saying, "I've done everything you asked, but I'm not doing anything else until you actually act like a fan and check out my other stuff".

Some people will say I'm an asshole, but it's really not asking much at all, it's a decent request since I've worked hard for the fans but I want to do what I want to with my music, I'm sure if they checked out my other stuff they would like it, right? If they're really my fans, they'll be loyal enough to check out at least a few of my other songs.

Some may ask, "Why do you bitch so much about this?" Well, I was the underdog of the Castle Crashers musicians. Everyone else was already well known, and the people are really not looking at my other music. So you can imagine my frustration when someone asks me to make a 10 hour version of the song. No, I didn't do it, that's one of the few requests I actually didn't do because, it's ridiculous.


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2013-10-03 23:09:24

Oh that looks cool.