Plans from now to 2014 and beyond + AIM Contest

2013-10-16 15:47:41 by RealFaction

Art Inspired Music Contest 2014

Well it's been a rough patch in my life but getting better, I need to save up a little money before we can execute this, but in early 2014 is when the next AIM contest will be. I may ask for NG store credit instead but unsure. Let's shoot for possibly March if not before, for now.

The next time around both Musicians and Artists will be in teams of two, first the artists will draw something then the musicians will make something inspired by it. There will be a group of new judges, one for musicians, one for artists. If all else fails though it will revert to be like the last contest. What do you think? By the way, this time around, COLLABS WILL BE ALLOWED! :)

New Album

Well I've released new music from my upcoming album in 2014, a sequel to my "exoticland" album I made a couple years/albums ago. I'm returning to the sound and adding new elements as well. It will be trance based mixed in with some techno and 8-bit elements.

Slowing Down (eventually)

I am working on music for a few things for other people but I think when all that's done I may not do game soundtracks or make music for payment anymore. It's been kind've draining and I feel I want to go in another direction. I may do a game soundtrack every once in a while but I decided after my album in 2014 I'm going to take a break making music for a while.

2014/New Look/Live Shows

In the meantime, I'll be saving up for a laptop, a custom paintball helmet, gloves, and equipment for live shows because I want to eventually play live shows next year, and that will be what I focus on.

The Dish Out (Youtube Show) Season 3

Me and the guys are bringing The Dish Out back but in a deluded form. We're simplifying our focus to just music and cosplay until we grow. So this Friday, I'm filming my friends' band's live show and interviewing them for the show on youtube. I'll update you guys more on that in the future.

Welp not much else is new, my asthma is getting better at least :) check out my new tracks! On a final note, almost 900 followers? Thanks guys :)

Keep the Rhythm! (instrumental):




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2013-10-17 08:23:31

Good tracks! About the AIM contest, are collaborations between users allowed, for example music/vocals? Any limits on users per entry? This might be fun.

RealFaction responds:

Oh! forgot to mention another difference! Unlike last time, collabs WILL be allowed :) however, this time around, the limit will be reduced to 1 song per team (or musician if it's like last time)


2013-10-17 09:10:01

Good to hear!


2013-10-18 15:28:59

ah music to my ears xD


2013-10-20 10:47:16

Excellent work ^^)