Ask Me Anything! (and Important News/Kamikon)

2013-10-25 07:28:07 by RealFaction

So yes, I'm finally doing one of these just for fun. Ask me anything, as it says....just don't be an asshat.

As far as news goes, here's a list of my upcoming releases...

November: The Trixsta (hiphop record, i've been a rap artist on and off since 2006 when i started as Real Faction as well) EP

December or January: The Factory (game themed album, made music for some small games)

February: The Box Volume 2: Re-Generation (sequel rock/metal album to The Box Volume 1: Dark City, will focus more on rock but have some metal)

March: Untitled electronic "bit-trance/bit-techno/bit-house" EP sequel to Exoticland album.

So i basically made a sub-genre as you've seen there, it's basically the fusion of electronic music with 8-bit synths you hear in chiptune music. As long as those synths make up a decent chunk of the song, it's bit-___ whatever you call it, but some variations would differ, like Drum and Bit (bit-dnb sounds stupid). Feel free to play with the idea, i know it's been done with dubstep but havent seen but a couple people actually do that with other styles.

Want to be interviewed for a YouTube show or have your content reviewed? (music and cosplay)

In other news, The Dish Out starts NEXT WEEK! If you're a passionate musician or cosplayer or costume designer (cosplay related or halloween) then contact us and we'll check out your stuff and if we like it, we'll review your stuff or interview you even as well! I'll keep you posted next week.

PS: We should be getting some exposure after next week hopefully, the famous cosplayer Twin Fools (nice guy) is promoting us and im going to Kamikon next friday (anime convention in my city) and interviewing cosplayers there, well my friend Ashley is ^__^.

Youtube Channel:

That's all folks! Ask your questions :)


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2013-10-25 11:34:14

do you like videogames?

RealFaction responds:

Love them. Im hoping to get a new computer soon so i can get back into gaming.


2013-10-25 13:25:39

good luck:)

RealFaction responds:



2013-10-25 18:09:27

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

RealFaction responds:

My father, who I don't know yet. I know who he is but im going to try to find him and contact him next year, i know where his dad grandfather. Never met anyone on his side.


2013-10-27 11:15:33

favorite"awesome"movie from Egoraptor?

RealFaction responds:

Well its hard to choose from simply the awesome series, but I guess the Awesome Man flash. But more than anything I like Mr. Literal outside of that. Sometimes nowadays I watch his interviews and he's a real inspirational guy. I wish he would animate more though, im not really a game grumps fan, especially not the overload of animations.


2013-11-04 12:58:01

oh,you mean that one from "Awesome Compilation 6?

RealFaction responds:

lol yep


2013-11-04 20:38:17

LOL,yeah,shit its got real!