Animators Who Don't Credit Music

2013-12-09 17:55:56 by RealFaction

There are some people on newgrounds and youtube who make videos and animations who think it's okay to not give credit to musicians either because they're successful musicians or the said animator/video guy is lazy.  Well, here's a rant about the RIGHT thing to do!  ALWAYS credit the musician!



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2013-12-09 18:39:53

To my mind cc licence couldn't be more plain, just give credit otherwise it's theft, no if's but's or derp.

If a project is already finished and it still hasn't happened then i can only suggest being at least as big of a dildo as the other party has been to you. ( cus that's what it is )

Ahww, your video got taken down? And you already paid me, gee wiz, don't you feel stupid now? Yes just how do i sleep at night etc. I'm sure you can imagine the rest.

All this said, i've mostly had positive experiences with people bordering on being overly polite about using my work, hope you don't get burned in the future.

RealFaction responds:

Exactly, and thanks.


2013-12-09 19:14:13

I hate these people. Please credit my music.


RealFaction responds:

Yeah I feel ya.


2013-12-12 11:36:27

I normally don't listen to a rant, but I guess this one is not only ok, it's really necessary. The lost of respect for an artist is even more intolerable then anything else, since the musician spend so much time, creativity and - (yes, I know that sounds patethic, but still) heart in his work, the least someone can do is mention his name, dammit!

RealFaction responds:

Doesn't sound pathetic at all, because it's true. Absolutely.


2013-12-14 19:47:17

What if you weren't allowed to use the music? Don't you get in trouble if you flat out state that you used the music without the authors consent?

I'm talking about fairly mainstream music.