New Album // Message to Steam Game Developers

2014-01-14 16:58:48 by RealFaction

New Albums  

The Factory Volumes 1 and 2 are now out on my BandCamp for ONLY $5 each, 9 tracks each album, and keep in mind I spent hours and hours so you're getting this cheap for lots of hard work!  The purpose of these albums was to showcase game-inspired music to show what kind of work I could do for games.

Volume 1 contains songs that CAN be used for games if you wish to, while Volume 2 contains music that has been made specifically for clients/games and can NOT be used for anything else besides listening purposes.

Volume 1:  

Volume 2:

Look at the amazing cover art Animattronic did for it!  Also my new logo.  Check him out at his site:



Calling All Steam Game Developers!

Following from the last topic, I am offering my music production services to any Steam game developers who would like me to make music for their games.  I really need the money and since Castle Crashers (the Necromancer theme song), I haven't really had a song in a big indie title.  I would love another deal like that!  Check out my albums I just mentioned above and if you like what you hear, contact me here or my email at


2014 Plans

I REALLY need more comissions so if you want me to make music for you let me know!  Really need the money right now.  I'm planning to do the next Art-Inspired Music (A.I.M.) contest as soon as I get the money for it, may be in early Summer if not late Spring.  Aside from that, I want to start playing live shows this year.  I'm also releasing two other albums this year.  I'm also tapping into dubstep and in the near future when I'm done, you'll see it here. I also purchased Komplete 9 which well...took most of my money, as I'm investing for the fans and comissions so i really need the support.  It holds 33 vsts for FL Studio so more things to play with.  More experimenting.Doing a Castle Crashers Let's Play with The Dish Out soon.


Happy New Year folks, I'm outie!  Much love to Tom Fulp for changing my life and his support.  If it wasn't for him, a lot of what I do now would really not even be possible.  Thanks bro!



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2014-01-15 06:59:55

I wish you luck and success ^ ^)

RealFaction responds: