Important Letter to Newgrounds Community (Everyone)

2014-02-14 02:30:23 by RealFaction

EDIT: There IS hope for humanity:

I usually don't make a post like this, but I had to speak up on this serious issue.  This may sound wrong to some, but be advised, stealing or straight up copying of ANY form is wrong.  I stand up for giving credit where it's due and respecting other artists, not ripping from them.  I tried to make this as short as possible, but if you care about the future of Newgrounds, and a serious growing trend that is hurting developers and the game market, then read on.  

I do not mean to offend anyone, but to encourage them to do better.  Some people will see this as "backseat modding", but this is simply a voice of opinion from an NG veteran you don't have to agree with.  I have seen this site grow for years, and now, the potential dangers from my perspective.

Point #1: Flappy Bird Clones

For every Flappy Bird related game submission, I'm going to vote them down to fight this act of stealing with these unoriginal clone games submitted here  Why?  Because, stealing artwork of a game that already did so, drawing it yourself in games to mimic STILL counts, and stealing the idea but making it into something similar, too similar (yes, this includes user-submitted sprite games of already copyrighted characters like Mario).

These "clone variants" are very well HURTING the Newgrounds community.  You can do better than this guys!  I don't want Newgrounds to turn into something it's not; a dumping grounds for this kind of stuff.  You shouldn't be making games if you don't want to spend the time and effort to, but if you want to, this is not the way to go about it I assure you, you CAN do better!  Challenge yourselves!  Be creative!  Newgrounds is: EVERYTHING by EVERYONE!  Come on!

I've seen people submit this kind of stuff when they have only made like one other game.  I don't support anything like Flappy Bird because it steals someone's hard work and that's all it stands for, stole ideas from 2 games.  Super Mario Bros., and ROFLcopter, an app in 2007 made by this guy that was very similar.  The game dev spoke out against Flappy Bird.

Point #2: Candy Crush Saga is a Clone of Candy Swipe

That's right, you heard it here.  It's relevent to make the point that this has been a growing trend in the mobile app store; copying games or artwork from them.  Recently a friend posted about it and I found out.  I did research too.  Believe it, for those who play Candy Crush Saga, the developers at King literally copied the game idea from a game called Candy Swipe.   

You can read more about it at the official site here:

I am not playing it anymore.  It is addicting, but I highly encourage you NOT to play it simply because of the horrible story the original developer of Candy Swipe told us being true, and there is proof that it is, do research.  Make it a habit.

I usually don't make a post like this but awareness is important, I believe in giving credit where it's due and when someone steals your hard work its something I fight against and it's ILLEGAL and could give Newgrounds a bad name and possibly in trouble again, I'm already seeing this starting to turn into a trend but please don't let it.  Yet somehow the people at King get away with it, and that's unfair.  I sympathise for the guy for fighting them and losing. 

To all of you, I beg of you, PLEASE don't let newgrounds turn into a dumping grounds for games like this, it will scare people away from Newgrounds and make it less than the shining star it really is and should be on the internet.  I say this because I love newgrounds and I've been around since 2003 (on a different account until 2006 when i started making music), and I know the great website this is and can be, but if this keeps on, it will be hurt by this.  Some people think it won't happen, and it might die down, but if we allow it, who will put their foot down? 

Stop the cloning, start creating.  Give yourself a chance.  


Real Faction


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2014-02-14 04:30:38

Like for the 1. There are too many clones on NG. Not only of Flappy Bird but everything.

As for the 2. I have mixed feelings. I have never heard of Candy Swipe but I did heard about Candy Crush Saga. Maybe Candy Swipe was unlucky, released at wrong moment etc. The question is: "are we blaming Candy Crush Saga for being a clone or a successful clone?". It's pretty obvious that since Candy Crush Saga is very similar to Candy Swipe it should share royalties with owners of original product.

But there are games with good idea but missing the quality. If someone "stole" the idea but gave game the polishing touch and got the publicity, would you still defend the right of original owners?

NG become recently less and less creative. With reused low quality games just trying to earn ad-money.

RealFaction responds:

1. Yes, that's part of my point, it's a shame really.

2. Candy Swipe was released 2 years earlier (CS: 2010. CCS: 2012), if you do research you'll see that King straight up stole things like the "sweet" pop up combo indicator or whatever and you'll see many indicators, a lot of people mistook Candy Swipe for Candy Crush Saga.

Yes I would defend the rights, it's not up to King do do that unless the original developer sells the rights to them, which he didn't. He was just some guy making a living and helping his family from what I saw until they came along. Yeah NG has become less creative lately, the front page is honestly becoming stranger as of late. That's another reason for this post.


2014-02-14 06:49:51

I'm glad someone finally speaks up about Candy Swipe. That is exactly why King copyrighted Candy, so Candy Swipe would be "swiped" off the map.

RealFaction responds:

Me too, a friend of mine posted about it on facebook so I have him to thank for raising awareness about Candy Crush Saga, and it mixed into my point about the habits of NG's latest contributors.


2014-02-14 06:56:07

To tag onto what you said about Candy Crush saga, I'm also a bit cheesed off that King copy that format of game for other stuff they publish (Farm Heroes saga, Pepper Panic saga, ... from what I can think of). I find that cheeky.

... actually if I can go off on a tangent, a few of these free apps games are simple ideas that we have seen before, but are hugely reliant on a non-stop commitment from the players. That's not fun, but we seem to lap them up anyway.

RealFaction responds:

Yeah :( I don't see how they can get away with that, they shouldn't be able to. It's very upsetting. I'm never playing Candy Crush Saga again because I know this, or any of their games.

Unfortunately people just don't realize the truth nor do they care sometimes, they just see a game and play it. It's understandable, but I wish they could see how they're hurting original developers with these "clone variant" games taking some art from other games and claiming it's their own.


2014-02-14 07:43:41

You have some good thoughts and I agree with all of them. I do think it gets tricky sometimes to define what's stealing. Like one could argue castle crashers was stealing from Knights of the Round / golden axe / etc. Which it wasn't imo, I think if anything its motivating for games to acknowlege the roots and origins of the platform and give them a nod. I see it something similar to playing in the superbowl and seeing joe montana in the stands and giving him a nod like thanks, thanks for opening the door for the profession sorta thing.

Candy crush and Angry birds are a cancer. These things have no heart. They were built in a board room by investors and people with no interest in gaming other than how much money can be made. Its not suprising candy crush is based/ripped from something else. Angry birds is ripped and despite all the millions of dollars its made they have not once acknowledged or invested in the physics engine they ripped to make the game even possible.

Its disappointing to see these commercial successes in people who could care less about the art form of gaming. I think even with success/money aside, I agree with you in that they send the wrong message to impressionable young game tevez and why posts like these are important yo see

RealFaction responds:

Castle Crashers is a "side-scroller beat em up" and genres aren't clones persay, but I think it is very original for what it is, it didn't steal art and heck it made lots of jokes and felt like something refreshing.

I hate Angry Birds, especially Angry Birds Star Wars. Crush the Castle came first and although they didn't steal the artwork, i'm just upset CTC didn't get the attention Angry birds oddly did. They're overdoing it. Angry Birds was just another game of the genre so I can't really say they stole the idea, I'm not really sure what to think of that, as there's other games like that, but when they hopped on the Star Wars wagon I lost it. Plushies? Video games? What the crap?

But yeah basically you're right. Gaming has really stepped down the past generation in many ways, I wish we could go back to the earlier golden days when creativity was abundant. Nowadays it's more of a business trade :(


2014-02-14 09:05:01

I agree. I'm not even that big into the flash part of the site anymore and I can see this stuff going on.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

It's really sad....Newgrounds years ago was so abundant with awesome games and flash content and sometimes you still see gems every once in a while but it's the community that makes this site with the staff running it and spreading ideas and features, Tom Fulp is an amazing guy and really has helped my life a lot, I just wish there was more community members who cared like the good ol days :(

I want to see Newgrounds grow, not die anymore. This is like my second home...Newgrounds was a shining gem on the net and still can be if the community wised up a bit, none of this clone nonsense.


2014-02-14 09:40:56

There's a flappy bird game jam going on now. Idk if I like jams as an act of protest (there was a candy jam too), but that's why they're here at least.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Are you kidding me....see this is the kind of thing I mean :( it's not really an act of protest to me, it's just encouraging the idea of ripping games....parody movies are one thing, but games....totally different.


2014-02-14 10:12:52

A few points:

- NG has always done parodies about current events. Usually really bad parodies. How is this different? I didn't even know what flappy bird was until you made this post, lol...

- I DLed candy swipe to see what you were talking about and it's nothing like candy crush saga. Candy crush copied bejeweled (which probably wasn't even the original gem matching game), and there are literally a bajillion of these kinds of games out there. I'm guessing the similarity (if you can really call it that) is purely a coincidence since they both made games about candy. It's not like candy is an infinitely diverse product. Actually, the only similarity in graphics I saw was a single sprinkle covered candy and it wasn't even the same kind. I can't really see how a person would say King took inspiration from the game, TBH. Was it really popular or something?

Stealing would have meant they took the same graphics or gameplay and slapped their name on it, but really, candy crush has brought a few new ideas to a tired genre wrapped in a polished presentation, so it stands well on it's own.

@Luis: have you played Candy Crush? Just because something is corporate doesn't mean it has no value. These games are designed for wide appeal and have their place in the world. Any one of us could make a game like it just as easily. They were successful because people actually wanted to keep playing and giving them money. Use it as your own market research!

Maybe you guys are just feeling down because it's winter?

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

1. Parodies are different, these are not parodies but straight up "clone variants" of games I'm mentioning. Parodies are fine, in some cases. Although, when it comes to sprites and trying to clone sprites, that's a bad thing.

2. If you do further research you'll see a lot of people were mistaking Candy Swipe for Candy Crush Saga and it became an issue, they even used the "Sweet" combo indicator that Candy Swipe originally did. There's plenty of proof there. No coincidence, King has also hopped on from other ideas too. The legal forms and more proof of what was happening is linked on that page link of the letter the developer of Candy Swipe put out to King. At the bottom there's a few links there.

3. It is the same gameplay, too similar. It wouldn't have been a problem if they asked the original developer of CS if they could buy the rights but they straight out made that game. I've played Candy Crush and Candy Swipe. Candy Crush is a great game but the fact it's a clone variant makes it a stolen idea they can't take credit for, for many things in the game.

4. Been a great winter for me surprisingly. Got a new job, know what I want to do for college in summer, dating a wonderful woman. Silly to throw this in there but the winter ain't got me down, well except that horrid ice storm we had during the polar vortex which cracked my car's windshield. Getting that fixed for free though. Insurance rocks.


2014-02-14 10:19:02

But... I don't have an ideas of my own :(

Good call RF

RealFaction responds:

Thanks. Lol you have awesome ideas :P


2014-02-14 10:49:21

@kajenx I've never played Candy Crush :(.

I guess my main point was that its not that Candy Crush/ Angry birds has no value whatsoever, i think it has less value than something with heart. What exactly that means I'm not sure really, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it as I type this, which is a hypocritical statement for me make.

Companies like King thrive on just putting a new wrapper on tried and true games and then releasing it as if they have invented a cure for cancer. THATS my issue really. That people are so naive that they actually end up stifling creativity by accepting regurgitated ideas so openly. It's like well why even bother.

Also yea i have been feeling shitty because of winter. :(

RealFaction responds:

^---- BING BING BING!!! We have the million dollar answer! High five bro, you nailed it on the head :) I agree. It's sad though really :( that's my issue too with it all....this isn't like the old days of creative innovation.


2014-02-14 16:08:25

I think you're mostly wrong, but would you like to hear why?

RealFaction responds:

I'm open to hear opinions.


2014-02-14 16:46:04

I agree with you, but there's no way to stop it. You forgot to add the bullshit King is making by trademarking the word "Candy"

RealFaction responds:

Unfortunately, but people could still stop playing it the more they know so we arent feeding them attention and money.


2014-02-14 18:19:25

I have to agree with you, Flappy Bird clones are no better than the original itself. I am sure that the Flappy Bird trend will die before 2015 however.

Although you slightly sound like the idiots that have been attempting to poison the gamer community on Youtube called CoDEA where they make all FPSs look like a ripoff of CoD. Not like I'm comparing you to one of them, keep in mind.

Mobile gaming is unfortunately almost dominating the non-console gaming market, behind better platforms like Steam. And most of the mobile stuff are pretty crappy ripoffs or P2W apps. Some ripoff music from other games without giving credit. There are few games I've seen that aren't like the crap I've seen, like Cut the Rope, Doodle God, BTD5, etc.

If I end up making games myself, I will swear not to make such crappy copies on purpose. Everyone needs to see this.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

No way would i go that far, FPS is a genre, not a ripoff of COD, Halo is it's own game, Battlefield is it's own game, you can't copyright a gun exclusively to yourself if it's based on reality, whoever's saying that IS indeed an idiot. Yeah I know no worries I get whatcha mean.

Yeah another thing I hate is when people don't credit music, that's another growing trend and it's illegal. If only there were more people like you who stood by this....knowing the "do's" and "dont's" in the gaming market.


2014-02-14 20:10:30

You are 100% right. You are talking about clear blatant rip offs of games and other things. While it's on topic (kind of), you should check out this video. It's a little long so I understand if you don't have time, but I think it's worth a watch.

It talks about how everything is inspired from something and how copyright and other things are killing the industry, and how remixing or being inspired have inspired the greatest icons in the world and remixing is an art in itself. That description only really touches the surface of it all, but it's very cool regardless. Good post :p

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Nothing wrong with remixes except the pop songs that rip it and don't give credit, they try to make it their own songs. Same with hiphop. But an actual remix, nothing wrong with that as long as it's a take on the actual song and not something they try to take credit for making ENTIRELY.

I mean sampling is good with credit, I agree with that film to SOME extent, but the fact Girl Talk uses songs without giving credit and making stuff his own that ISNT his....that's questionable. It's cool what he does but sadly its still wrong. Now that Mickey Mouse on the walls thing was bs and should be allowed to be posted there. In the end, it's a matter of stolen work.

The only way it would be right would be is if he just used one song and remixed that giving credit. I think more artists should also release sample packs like some do already, that would fix a lot of problems.


2014-02-15 03:43:36

Is this related to mobile gaming market, or is this about trash submission on Newgrounds featuring sprites from Nintendo games?

RealFaction responds:

Mainly mobile gaming market but by sprites I mean what you're talking about as well. Using sprites is NOT okay anywhere besides where they belong, the original games.


2014-02-15 05:39:01

I guess I don't see how the gameplay in similar, but maybe I have to play it more. Try the game "Jelly Splash", it's actually much more similar to Candy Swipe, though it also uses candy crush ideas like clearing the jelly.

You'll probably hate me for the game I'm making now. I went onto google play and DLed the top ten gem style games in the "Top Grossing" section and stole as many ideas as I could from them. XD If I actually enjoy playing these kinds of games, does that make me soulless or just pragmatic? I think games will often be very similar, and we just have to find one or two new things to add and hope our relative unoriginality will be overlooked. I mean, can you honestly say all your own games are full of stunning originality? I usually just make something inspired by a game I enjoyed. Can we really fault a large company for asking big groups of people what they enjoy and then making that for them? Would it be different if an indy dev gathered interviews online and did a bunch of prototyping to find the exact perfect gameplay that will suck in the most people? Once in a while some hobbyist invents a new genre, but this is more of an exception than a rule.

I understand it's easy to hate on big corporations because they have lots of money to strongarm people, but that doesn't mean they ALWAYS are in every instance. If the candy swipe guy hadn't sent them a bunch of legal notices first, would this have even been a problem for him? I'd think having a super successful game that's similar to one I slapped together a few years ago would be a boon. If people thought it was candy crush, he could have just said, "That's right! Now give me your money!" Haha, IDK...

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

:/ the point is it's TOO similar, not that games are similar to other games, but that they are clone variants. If you look at the guys site, there are too many similarities. King went out of their way to buy the rights to a game with the word Candy in 2004 AFTER the dev of Candy Swipe said that just so he couldn't sue them. THAT'S low, and I know they got the idea from him.

We all know it's like Bejeweled originally, and that's not a problem because that's NOT too similar of gameplay since it's a genre of games. It's just the fact Candy Swipe and Candy Crush Saga are TOO similar and you see people confusing the two because of it. They've stolen his ideas and Candy Crush Saga is TOO unoriginal is the problem.

Don't assume anything, but I definitely would not respect you, putting it bluntly, if it was too similar to a game like this. You can make something inspired by a game you enjoy, that's not bad, but I feel you're missing the points here. The main problem most of all is the similar idea of candy and similar style, like the "Sweet" combo indicator. That's a big piece of evidence.

It's not that King has lots of money, it's the fact that 2 years ago Candy Swipe came first, and they wanted to make their own version of that game being TOO similar to it. They could've simply either talked to him first and worked with him, or made a different concept not based on candy, but they're pissing on him and his creativity by not trying to make their own ideas on the game genre just copying his.

It's mainly about the fact it's the theme and a couple stolen elements like "Sweet" specifically. They knew what they were doing, and so do I. No, there are SOME developers who actually aren't that greedy and want their hard work to be recognized and not mistaken for something else. I really feel bad for the guy. That's why he's mad, and I don't blame him.


2014-02-15 10:14:00

You do realize that there have been games EXACTLY like candy swipe without candy that came out way before it(for example bejeweled in 2001) right? I mean if anything the letter that the author of candy swipe was a huge tearjerker trying to guilt King into removing their game. I agree with what you're saying however with the clones, but I feel that it's just a trend that happens with all kinds of games and will pass before you know it. Keep up the good cartoons!

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

You're missing the point. Bejeweled is similar but not the same. Nothing wrong with having a game in the same genres, it's the point that Candy Crush Saga and Candy Swipe are TOO similar. Also...I'm a musician...I don't make my reply to Kajenx below this comment and you'll see what I mean about this whole topic of stealing.


2014-02-15 13:59:40

Sorry about the cartoon thing, I must have gotten you mixed up with someone else(I seriously didn't mean to come off as rude). I don't believe that King stole the ideas from candy swipe, because the similarities are too vague and there are hundreds of bejeweled knock offs, the only new thing here is that candy swipe and candy crush both involve candy and were both relatively popular. I am totally on your side about the cloning thing and that some games are WAY too similar, but it's nothing new and happens with all kinds popular games. I have to argue, however, that using sprites in your animation doesn't make it original(like your example of mario flashes) because many artists customize their sprites, and it's a way for people who cant draw very well to express their passion for the art of movement. These are just my thoughts take it or leave it. Oh and by the way I took my time to listen to some of your music and it's really great! Keep it real man.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks. I understand but I think people shouldn't manipulate what isn't theirs is what I mean. In the link at the bottom there's links that proves King was copying the idea. But unfortunately nothing can be done except not play the game, I won't support them.


2014-02-15 14:30:38

But what I'm saying is that candy swipe has completely different gameplay and completely different candy pictures it uses. For example, candy swipe has little cakes and gummy bears, and the background is black. Candy crush has a candyland theme with hard candies. For the gameplay, in candy swipe you basically connect a long string of candies in a chain and they all disappear. You do this for a few minutes and get a score. Candy crush you swap two adjacent candies and try to make combos/clear jelly/bring items down, so the game is more strategy oriented and doesn't have any similar mechanics. Really the only similarity I could see was that they both were games about candy... A indicator saying "Sweet" is a pretty logical bit of wordplay, and you're not giving King much credit for the other horrible puns they use, haha.

"Sugar crush!"

He can be cheesed off about the name, but it kind of works both ways, doesn't it? I mean, he went to them and said they couldn't use the word candy in their title because he used it first. They're just doing the same thing and saying, "Look, we had a game with the word 'Candy' in it in 2004, so we'll claim precedent."

I just have a hard time believing King even knew about the game, TBH.

You said on another comment that FPS games could stand on their own, right? I guess I don't see how you could have an opposite opinion about these games, since they're probably more different that CoD and Battlefield are...

Anyway, all this publicity has probably skyrocketed his DLs, so if this is all a publicity stunt it's working beautifully.

RealFaction responds:

Hmm you do make a good point there but i still think King would pull something like that honestly not respecting developers like himself. I do see what you mean though. It honestly annoys me a bit how similar COD and Battlefield are but truthfully they're war games. Medal of Honor comes to mind too. I think basing games off reality might be a tad different, but idk, i honestly got tired of them being the same too. Interesting point there though.


2014-02-15 14:45:10

I don't want to make you upset, though. I just wanted to point out that it might not be worth getting that angry over.

Personally, I was much more upset when I heard a company trademarked "Tower Defense" a few years ago. I even made a petition and stuff, but it didn't go anywhere. This is just kinda how it all works, gotta roll with the punches.

anyway, like I said, he's getting a lot of publicity, so maybe he can try to see the bright side at this point.

RealFaction responds:

I'm open to opinions it's not a heated debate, we're all adults here :P no worries, I respect opinions, I just voice mine as well. Really? A company did that? Dang....that kinda sucks. I like tower defense games too. Yeah, true.


2014-02-15 15:34:39

I just wanted to say that I agree with Kajenx in his response two responses below me.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

I kind've agree as well, he made some good points.


2014-02-15 16:00:42

What the hell is candy crush?
I'm serious iv'e never played it.
Iv'e heard of both of them but i haven't played either.

RealFaction responds:

thank the lord almighty you havent, trust me when i say you'll want to keep it that way.


2014-02-16 03:12:10

Hmm, been looking through the comments
1) Flappy, don't care for it too much, due to its genericty and unoriginality.

2) Candy Crush is a 'he punched me first' incident which I'd rather see it unravel rather than argue, for if King did 'steal' owned candy crusher since 2004 and candy swipe would be in a round about way infringing their rights. That being Trademarking Candy is stupid

My main issue is your vandetta against people who are using pre-existing sprites for games/animations and have to disagree with you, providing that;

1)The product using the sprites is non-commercial
2)The product references the source of the sprites

For I believe that if a person is blamming/ lowing initial score/ criticising for using resources, these products despite following the above points. If you do have a problem with the product, contact the owner owning the resources or the person hosting the website and tell them, giving them the option pursue the matter or not, and most of the time the owner won't care for:
A) This is free advertising.
B) Keeps the fanbase alive.
c) Stopping the project might cause backlash with the fans.

Many popular things on the internet use pre-existing sprites; Mari0, Sonic for Hire, Chrono Trigger Unglued and most Machinima's. I'm not saying that you have to like sprite animation but don't go around in comments pointing out they shouldn't use pre-existing sprites. If it such a great bother to you, contact the owners of the resources or the host of the website to ensue these problems.

RealFaction responds:

I can understand your points but I still stand by that it's stealing copyrighted artwork. Even though it does give credit, they should draw/animate their own stuff. The difference is, the makers of Halo actually give permission to people who make stuff like Red v. Blue making a great series, and that's not stealing in that case.

I feel 3d is different from 2d art even though it IS technically in game material, but it's not animating sprites, but rather recording moving material, so it's more like shooting a movie, however I DO have mixed feelings on that. Sprites seem to bother me more simply because people animate them, and it's not really an original animation, but with stuff like Halo, that's not animating, it's filming. I still prefer original animations though. I have mixed feelings on that.


2014-02-16 04:13:54

"Stop the cloning, start creating. Give yourself a chance. "
DotA -> HoN/LoL/DotA2/Blizzards new copycat game

While I do support your point about clones I doubt a whole lot will change about it. Granted each of the above game is somewhat different just like the dozens of "fling an object X to an insane distance Y, here are some sort of arbitrary upgrades and handicaps" but only just so much to say that they haven't been straight up copied. (Oh hey look at that someone shot a turtle around and make it gory, let's try something like that with a penguin/salaryman/buffalo/whatever... (no accurate order claimed)).

That, in my oppinion, is however allready highly creative in comparison to "Just another brownish, greyish first person shooter 3 version 18.5" (or as I like to call them Call of Battlefield: Medal of Duty). It'd need something like "Loadout" to bring something new around which in it's core is simply an Arena shooter in the good old tradition of UT with some "Borderland"ish graphics on top and really custom weapons (which is the selling point, the custom weapons), but still. Creativity in big selling titles only amoutns to so much, as we've clearly seen most motives and the most unconventional approaches to games are taken by small indy teams (PoE being a classic hack and slash a la D2, but entirely different to what we currently have for example). Doesn't mean all indy games are good howver - allready sick and tired of "Some black and white, high likely side scrolling thing with something about morals, the meaning of life, a journey to self discovery yada yada".
The being creative part is thus probably left to the end user in selecting a range of games he likes and that don't feel copied. I really like RPGs and own the one or other, they are all similar but different enough. I probably wouldn't buy another game like Kingdoms of Amalur (unless it's the direct successor), same for Torchlight/Borderlands - all RPGs with similarities (graphics, insane amount of enemies, bigass bosses (who said bosses have to be house sized?) etc).

P.S.: Kotaku had (for a change) a decent writeup on the BS copyright/trademark claims. TBH - intellectual property rights are fucked up idiotic arbitrary rules that don't make much sense (look up why Resident Evil ain't called Biohazard . . . ).

RealFaction responds:

Yeah, I don't like FPS's myself, those are nowadays the most uncreative anymore, except for the Halo series, that's really the only FPS I think has a good story and creative weapons and good campaigns (though had mixed feelings on Halo 4, but the devs realize it could've been better and they're improving as they're listening) and then there's also Half Life series and Borderlands. Not much other than those though that really stand out. I love Blizzard, but I hate the tryhard community of raging gamers, turned me away from LoL and yeah I can see what you mean on similarities.

Yeah RPGs actually focus on story and some have different gameplay, but I'm also ok with turn-based, since it's story driven and very scenic with the worlds. I'll have to look up on that Biohazard thing, I always wondered about that.


2014-02-16 04:54:41

There are a bunch of Flappy Bird clones in the Under Judgement section. I tried blamming all of them. Hopefully they won't make it through.

RealFaction responds:

I pray not.


2014-02-16 07:21:33

I literally zero'd three different flappy bird clones just now, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's sick of them. Newgrounds is not a place for people to re-skin an ok mobile game, and then expect to be praised or get good ratings on their "game." The faster people realize this, the better. I remember thinking something was fishy about Candy Crush, though evidently we disagree on what; I think it's just too similar to Bejeweled to deserve the wild success it's found in my area. Sure there are tons of different variants of the gem-matching type, and that's exactly why not one of them should have crazy popularity. I've never played it myself, but plenty of my friends are practically addicted... it appears to be one of those P2W sort of games? there's a limited number of plays in a certain time, they make you pay for more... anyway, I really like the message you're conveying here (though i disagree on spriting), and all this talk about flappy bird and candy crush makes me wonder: what about angry birds?

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Amen! People need to realize this isn't a place for that crap. I see people who've made like one other game, they're trying to get attention, that's not what making a game is about, they don't care. It's really sad. Yeah Pay to Win games are really bull, it's like "oh it's free, but it won't be fun as long as you don't pay to kick everyone's ass" which is low of any developers imo. That's why MMO's you pay for are better in some cases.

I like FFXIV, it was $30, and though im not happy with $13 a month, I can handle one game on that budget, and it's actually really fun and great combat system compared to other MMOs I've played. Neverwinter is the only free MMO I can think of that's a fun FTP and has an amazing combat system as well. I still stand by spriting though, it's good to have tributes of animating, but stealing without permission is still stealing and they should make original animations. I'm sick of sprite movies.

Angry Birds reskinned Crush the Castle and somehow got famous, i think that's stupid. Since it's a genre probably, not sure if that's stealing but they're overpopular, it's not that great. They're milking it and making Angry Birds Star Wars bullcrap, that's where I facepalmed hard.


2014-02-17 00:39:32

Did a little bit more research both in the use of sprites and candy crush vs candy swipe, I picked up a couple of things from my last comment and real faction's response:

1) I was wrong about the candy swipe infringing Candy crush (2004), (didn't know that king bought out candy crush (2004) just for the court case).

2) The use of sprites can be protected under fair dealing by Parody providing that:
• how much of the copyright material is used;
• the context in which the parody or satire is used; and
• whether or not the copyright owner generally licenses such uses.

Also in the event that you do come across someone using said copyrighted material, according to rights for artists a website explaining the rights an artist has when copyrighting or using copyrighted material.

You and/or R.I.G.H.T.S. cannot legally confront an alleged violator due to the laws against harassment, slander and libel. In addition, the only recourse is to notify the original creator of the alleged violation by sending a polite, considerate email containing the URL of the alleged misuse of her copyrighted intellectual property.

Only the original creator/writer (or there assigned agents) have the legal right to confront the alleged violator regarding copyright infringement.

Not trying to insult anyone, just trying to get to the bottom of the predicament.

RealFaction responds:

1. Yeah, that's part of what pissed me off also, that proves they're crapping on his work.

2. The point I still stand by is, it's not their work. If they wanted to make a parody or a game based in that universe, they could simply draw their own artwork and give credit to the creators of the characters. Sprites means laziness no matter how well animated they are. I'm just standing for all this because Newgrounds doesn't need this nonsense as far as cloned stuff goes.

For example, Egoraptor made video game parodies with his own artwork that eventually landed him a deal to air them on MTV for a short period of time. That's respectable because he actually drew stuff, not stole art. While you do have a correct point on the fact only the original creator should get after them, I'm just the kind of person who sees this stuff go without someone putting their foot down sometimes.

Same with the fact more and more animators and vloggers are starting this "who cares about crediting music in my videos" trend. I made a video and post on that also.


2014-02-19 01:45:19

Anyone who wants to make another Flappy Bird clone app for here or the App Store, you might also want to read this. I personally support this article:

Glad Google and Apple are actually finally cracking down on "clone" games. We don't need that crap.


2014-02-23 07:16:36

Glad to see I'm not the only guy who saw that Crush the Castle reskin for what it really is. One of my first reactions when it blew up was "this is a total rip-off of Crush the Castle!" One of my more tech-savvy friends however, managed to convince me that AB had actually come out first, but the second I saw a parody referencing this similarity on Dorkly I knew I was right. The serious problem with it is how somehow or another they've managed to force it into the rest of culture; there are clothes, toys, lunchboxes... Hasbro even made a real life GAME OF A GAME. They've got this probably millions-of-dollars merchandising and the actual game costs money, not to mention maybe three spinoff games that also cost money, all for a single entry into an already saturated genre and probably a ripoff of another more deserving title. Going back to my original comment, I never considered the more high-quality sprite movies stealing, but plenty of people do (evidently you're one of them). All I'm saying is even though i disagree on that particular point, I stand with you on the rest of your message, because it really is important. This site has been around since the early days of the internet, and a site close to me for almost seven years now, and turning into a crappy clone-game dumping grounds is the worst possible death I can imagine for NEWgrounds

RealFaction responds:

Unfortunately it appears my post hasn't done much, I'm seeing more clones everywhere, i really hate this. What's worse, they actually front paged "happy bird", a clone of Flappy Bird........i give up :(