Help! (Album Funding/Preview)

2014-06-11 19:39:31 by RealFaction

I really need help guys! I can't make music anymore because of neighbors, so I need help paying some construction workers to make a small studio in mom's garage, check out the link below. You'll hear a preview of some unfinished songs I'm working on for the album in this video below !

You can Donate here:

Big thanks to Toxi and AkiCarlito for making an amazing album cover!
Check them out at:

Watch the video below to get the details and hear a preview of album songs!



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2014-06-11 19:50:37

Those are some sick tunes dude!! a bit melodramatic eh....just get soundproofed walls. Or get a job like everyone else brah

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Thanks, and I have a job, but i have monthly bills to pay, it would take a very long time to fund this with my job, I dont' have much left after the bills on a monthly basis. And it's not just the walls, it's the floor. To do what I need to, I can't do it here, trust me. I also do work for an animation studio so I can't waste time, I need that job.


2014-06-11 20:03:09

sounds like you're in a predicament dude!! have you considered selling your body...for love lol...just kidding..i'd donate but i have no paypal/credit card. good luck brah

RealFaction responds:

Yeah's tough. I really hope this gets funded. It's cool, thanks though.


2014-06-11 21:35:37

Here's what I would consider if my neighbors complained about me making music:

1) I would consider doing it at a lower volume, even now I don't record at a high volume, pretty much normal TV watching volume.

2) Maybe my music sucks, and that's why they complain. Otherwise, I'd be enjoying the free original music if I lived next door.

I can't see why you have to stop, or why your neighbors complain unless its really loud, you don't have to record or mix at high volumes. But hey, I guess having your own studio would be better, so go for it I guess.

RealFaction responds:

I don't want to bother them, to mix the stuff i'm doing, and record vocals, I have to listen to it loud enough and the spaces are thin, and i sing loud too. I have to put my all into this record.


2014-06-11 22:13:06

Caught this post, solid caliber fan of your work, pitched in 40 bucks. Hope things work out!

RealFaction responds:

thanks! :)


2014-06-11 23:03:43

Sucks to hear that, bro. I'll see if I can throw something your way soon. Rockin' track, too.

RealFaction responds:

ok, thanks! :)


2014-06-12 00:57:59

If I have any after bills I'll throw some in, if I can get permission for use of your music on YouTube i'll throw in any revenue from that as well XD

RealFaction responds:

Sure. Just be sure to give me credit :P and thanks!


2014-06-12 05:30:19

Haha, I know how that is. Just tell the neighbors to SUCK IT UP!

...And maybe get arrested.


2014-06-12 05:36:04

What about headphones? And use a closet as your recording studio! That's all I've ever done. >>

RealFaction responds:

It won't work here, and I refuse to mix in headphones, that's never a good idea, speakers work better for me. The surfaces here are too thin and soundproofing probably wouldn't help. It's easier to just get my own space so i don't get bitched at. I'd rather not piss people off honestly. I'm gonna try to get this video as many views as possible so more people know so I can get this thing funded, I hope.