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Contest Winners, Need Artist and Programmer for Games

Posted by RealFaction - July 20th, 2015

NIM Contest Winners

The results of the contest are finally here!  See who won the Newgrounds Inspired Music Contest and check out the music.  If you make games, you seriously need to use some of these amazing songs.  The contest album is a free 44 track album, too. 

Check it out: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1395346

Need Artist and Programmer for Games

I have 2 games in development, one hasn't started yet.  The first, is based on the intro of the tribute video I did with many awesome newgrounders.  It's basically a game based around that plot, a 16-bit beat em' up (like Castle Crashers style, but think Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis days).  I need an artist who can draw 16-bit backgrounds, and characters, and everything else for it.  If interested, contact me, shoot me a message.  @Coolboyman is involved as the programmer, I'm psyched.

The other game is 3D and will run on Unity 5, so I need a Unity programmer.  If you're a good Unity programmer, message me.  Below are pictures.  It's a Puzzle/FPS game like Half-Life and Portal, only more.  I have a team of people already, it's been in development for months, but we need a programmer.  Here's some snapshots.  That's all for now, love you guys!


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I hope your game turns out amazing! I like the idea you have for it, I'm coming up with a computer game myself. But I'm in the same boat as you though, I don't really know how to use Unity. :) I also do what I like to call art comics, its little cartoon pictures with text at the top that represent the dialogue. Some of them are funny and some of there aren't, if you want to check it out some time. :)


Unity's dead, though.

No it's not. I see unity games on Newgrounds and it is capable of making some great games.

Just saw the results, so honored to be in the runner-ups! And congrats to the others too =D!
For that 16-bit game, I think I could help a bit 'cause I'm still working on other things. Here's an example of what I can do: https://flic.kr/s/aHskd567ZL
I animate stuff too sometimes: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk9vpixa

I loved your piece, it's different. Hey that's pretty neat stuff. I'll consider it, though this game would be a lot of work for the backgrounds and characters being on the level of the artwork for the contest (like my profile icon). I will consider you indeed, may have an additional artist or so beyond who i end up choosing, to take the workload off. Nice work. I will let you know, I'm waiting to see who else will bite at this offer.

Yes, but Unity games won't be playable on Chrome for much longer.

Really? Shame. Well we plan on releasing this on Steam. Also a demo on newgrounds. I use Firefox personally.

Good for you! Don't give Google Chrome any business. Those jerks.

Yeah seriously

Thanks for the heads up! Been after some decent fight music of late.

You're welcome :)

Been toying with getting back on the saddle, always wanted to make a brawler.

:o luis? you want to help? :D you're legendary and i love your games!!!