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Art-Inspired Music Contest (Need Help)

Posted by RealFaction - March 24th, 2016

Hey, need some help for the contest this year for prizes (more details below), but I'm happy to announce the Art-Inspired Music Contest is going to be from May 22nd, to July 24th! Note: Don't start working on any music until the contest starts!  Okay, now the details!  This year we're going to need a little help with prizes.

UPDATE: The contest has started!  Here's a link: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1409442

PS: Yes, you have to be a scouted artist to enter.  Unscouted artists cannot enter.  You need at least 3 songs to be scouted and someone has to scout you.

What is the Contest About?

For those of you who are new to this yearly contest, and haven't been around since the first contest in 2013, here's how it works.  Basically, this contest is about making music inspired by artwork, whether it be from your favorite artists, or someone you just discovered!  They have to be from the Art Portal on Newgrounds only, and you can make any genre of music you want, no restrictions!.  This contest is about having fun, and getting insightful reviews to help you improve as a musician! 

PS: Covers and remakes/remixes of songs including of your own are not allowed.  This contest is for purely new and original creations! :)

If you want to hear the amazing music from the 2013 and 2014 contests, check out the winners and runner-ups on the past albums here:

2013: https://artinspiredmusic.bandcamp.com/album/a-i-m-art-inspired-music-vol-1
2014: https://artinspiredmusic.bandcamp.com/album/a-i-m-vol-2-art-inspired-music

Prize Donations

This year, money is a bit short on both ends to make it a prize this year, but would anyone be willing to donate anything like a shirt or something that would make an awesome prize?  Comment below if you can and what it is! :) We're thinking this year part of the prizes could be supporter status.  But I'm going to put a "current prizes" list which will be updated as we get more prize donations! :)

All of the runner-ups and top 3 winners will get games!

An interview with @TheInterviewer (coutesy of @The-Great-One)
Supporter Status (browse ng with no ads courtesy of @TomFulp)
A Spray-painted Poster by @Ceevro (and whoever wants to make him stencils) (donated by @Ceevro)
A Free Copy of @Samulis VSCO 2 Orchestral Sample Library (donated by @Samulis)
Tankmen Figures (donated by @AdamNG)
A Salad Fingers Figure (donated by @AdamNG)
Alloy Figures (will be made and donated by @AdamNG)
$20 Steam Code (donated by @Rennh)
Undertale + Undertale Soundtrack on Steam (donated by @johnfn)
Chivalry Medieval Warfare (Steam), Shantae and the Pirate's Curse(3DS AND Wii U)
Retro City Rampage: DX (3DS code). Affordable Space Adventures (Wii U code)
A Boy and His Blob (Steam Code), Mushroom 11 (Steam Code), Strider (Steam Code), Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Penal Colony (Steam Code), Lost Planet 3 Complete Pack (Steam Code), Bionic Commando: Rearmed (Steam Code), Resident Evil Revelations (Steam Code), DmC: Devil May Cry (Steam Code), Resident Evil 4 (Steam Code), and Remember Me (Steam Code) (donated by @ninjamuffin99)
Steam Codes for Ultimate General Gettysburg, Tropico 5, GRAV, Poker Night 2, Poker Night at the Inventory, Titan Souls, and Dropsy (donated by @satyre)
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (Steam Code) (donated by @Shoz)

Forum Sigs (drawn by @Template88)

I want to give @ninjamuffin99 the biggest fricken hug right now for the amazing amount of games donated!


Quick note on rules this year, when I post the contest thread when the contest starts in May, you'll see there's a couple new rules (more freedom), and less reading (less listed rules since some were basic rules of Newgrounds anyway)!  One of the rules being to put "AIM" at the beginning of the song title (example: AIM - Strawberry) to organize things better, since this year, judging will be a LOT faster that way, it'll help!

This year, once again, we have some lovely judges!  @Phyrnna couldn't judge this year, so we will pay tribute to her for being awesome and helping me start this wonderful tradition.  :)

Your Judges are:

@RealFaction (that'sa me!)

@EDM364 (Newgrounds Veteran and experienced EDM producer, also gives great detailed reviews)

@Warhector (Runner-up in past A.I.M. contests and overall awesome guy)

@Ectisity (Leader of the Review Request Club)

Any help with the prizes is appreciated, and you'll recieve credit!  That's all for now, keep ya posted!

Comments (42)

Damn Cant Wait!

:) me either

Experienced EDM producer my ass. :P ... Okay, maybe a little. Super excited for the contest!

You're good with mixing and in your reviews you know what you're talking about. I'm excited too.

Is there any genre restrictions, or is it just anything we want? super excited for this btw o:

Nope no restrictions. Any genres you like :)

This sounds so cool! I'm totally gonna enter. :3


Save the date! I am on it :D


btw, looks fun as shit

awesome! I'm glad to see all the new faces this year! Yes it is fun every year :)

+1 for bandcamp art

Hey, i have a steam code for Chivalry Medieval warfare if I can throw it into the prize pool.

Absolutely! Thanks!

Any good ways to stay updated on what's going on with this contest? I often see stuff like this and really want to participate, and then I'll forget about and it and only realize it's a thing on like the last day.

Just to keep checking this post until later in May, this is linked to the frontpage calendar date for the contest on the front page so that helps. :) It's to the left side with the dates, below Tom's front page post on the left of the front page.

Beyond that, when I post the thread in the audio forum for this contest, hitting the heart button to follow the thread is also a good way to follow it, as well as the discussion thread, when I put those up next month.

Search for art in the portal??? Loopmasters added too!!!

Yes search for art in the portal. It's an NG exclusive contest :P

Omg this I'll join!

I have a question.
If I find an artwork that reminds me of one of my older songs, and inspires me to remake it, is that allowed?

I forgot to mention, remakes are not allowed in the AIM contest, purely original songs must be made. It's supposed to be a challenge :P sorry. Thanks for asking though, I'll add that to this post.


Declined. Just kidding, approved :P

i'm in! but i have two questions.
one, ANY art in the art portal (hehehehehehe) naw i'm kidding
two, with the donated prizes, how does that work. I mean, even with what we have now, that can't ALL go to first place

but hey, this will be fun anyway

Actually I'm bending the rules this year, it can be up to M (Mature) rated pictures this year, but not A (Adult) rated. That's a decision I made this year. I still have to sort out the prizes and that will be announced when donations will be closed I'll figure out who goes to what, but I have a pretty good idea, and each winner is getting a lot of prizes. :D

I have some double steam keys I could donate, if there is still need for prizes?

Ultimate General Gettysburg, Tropico 5, GRAV, Poker Night 2, Poker Night at the Inventory, Titan Souls, Dropsy

sure! thanks! hold them until the end when the winners are announced, keep them handy.

Ready for it, yo!!! Some music will be courtesy of my album named BB8-Bit Wonderland. Gotta find any Star Wars-related art out there.
Also, the participant should tag his/her entry with ArtInspiredMusic2016, so it'll be recognized as an entry for the contest.
Second, multiple entries accepted???
That's all.

Well there's actually a rule to tag the actual song title with AIM at the very beginning, I make the rules :P. Though I agree but with a shorter tag in the tags like AIM2016. I'll write that in. Second, the rule this year is 2 entries per contestant.

@EDM364 Actually Comented On My First Submission To The Movie Portal :D

I'm In For This.


I'm in.


I'm so geared up for this. Can't wait!

Is there going to be any restrictions or penalties for very long track lengths (10mins +)?

Though I can't post all the rules here in the post, yes that's usually a rule, anything over 6 minutes will be disqualified this year.

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