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Pico's School Soundtrack + More

Posted by RealFaction - November 23rd, 2016

Recently, @TomFulp asked me to replace the copyrighted music in Pico's School he could sadly no longer use, by making a new soundtrack for it.  I was shocked, and I'm honored, because I know how iconic that game is and how it made Newgrounds what it is today.  If it wasn't for that game and the other controversial fun games Tom made, NG wouldn't have gotten it's popularity at the time. 

To think, in 2003 I was just a user, 2006 an unknown musician, and 10 years later, this happens!  It's just so surreal man, but I'm really happy!  He commissioned me to do it, paid more than I thought he would, which is generous of him.  If you wanna commission me for some work, check out my prices: http://www.flareheartstudio.com/catalog

Check out the "Behind the Scenes" video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbfm6Y70Xw0

Play Pico's School: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/310349

Also I released the second entry in my "Beating Depression" series to help anyone with Depression: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/713837


I want to take this time to promote this awesome artist, he and his band are amazing.  Joe Gregory.  I noticed the music video for his first single, "Cave Birds", has not even 900 views at this time, but his music is so different.  I love it.  Go show him some support, watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrY0psKXkbU

Follow the band on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jgrgrymusic

Comments (5)

Extremely sad that NG is being cracked down upon by these rich ass labels, but happy it turned out to benefit a good friend and fellow NG content creator like you :) I hope you've been well

What's the deal with all these new copyright policies? Who's stamping on our throats? I know Google has been doing everything but removing us from their search engine results lately when it comes to NG content and refuses to give NG Google ad partnership, last I read.

Yeah :c and thanks! Though sometimes I fear people are gonna hate the new soundtrack, I know they'll miss the old one, even though this is more original content and the old music was super short loops, it's still the nostalgia.

BMI was one stabbing at us I know that (Newgrounds). Tom has had people contact him...it sucks. Yeah, they don't have google ad partnership and Google pretty much sucks because of that. That's probably part of why less people know about NG and more about youtube.

I'll miss it, I admit, but a revamped ST might be exactly what it needs -- a fresh coat of paint, if you will. This really is bullshit though -- that TOM is having to pay to modify his own content over a decade later. This copyright crap is really just a bunch of rich moguls throwing their weight around because they're upset about missing a few pennies, meanwhile we struggle to hold together a community. I'll make a mental note to add those guys to my list of unfavorable specimens.

The old NG vs. YT feud has gotten even worse since Google bought out YT. While investigating the apparent feud, I've heard of stuff like NG content uploaded to YouTube being sniffed for copyrighted material, at which point we get hit by record labels, and Google point blank doing everything in its power to shut us down. That nifty analysis algorithm YouTube has and its almost universal control over amateur and semi-professional media has Google making bank, censoring the web at its leisure (notice YT's new terms about profanity, violence, and suggestive content), and milking its woefully blind userbase the whole way. And Google is anything but transparent about what it does with your data, like that email it requires you to have signed into YouTube, which allows it to track your searches on the engine.

Google probably knows more about us than we know about ourselves. They're shady and dangerous.

Aww thanks! :D But yeah it is kinda bs. But in a way like i said in the behind the scenes video, it gives more newgrounds users a chance to have their music used in stuff. Unless they choose kevin mcleod lol. But yeah you're right. Oh wow, really? Dang. That must be what lead them here. That really sucks. :( yeah they kinda are. They're gonna be skynet someday, probably.

I just realized I went off and left you a giant tirade about why I hate Google -- yet we're reluctantly forced to use it, lol. Sorry about that. I'll check out your video in a sec and prob drop a tweet. Gonna have some hazelnut coffee to calm the nerves haha

It's fine lol I respect your opinion and honestly you make good points. Kk :) Thanks! Hope you're doing ok, sometimes i've been worried about ya.

Actually, I was a bit worried about you! Although you do look and sound like you're doing better than last time we talked. Smile shows in your face more. As for me, my mental state isn't fantastic but I'm not on the suicidal spectrum anymore -- more like the... woefully depressed because I feel my life has no meaning spectrum, hahah. Other than that, I'm fantastic. Unemployed, having some serious writer's block, and Skyrim is crashing like a mf. That's life I suppose :P

Awh <3 thank you. Yes I am, though since the weather change, my Anxiety Disorder has been acting up, the physical effects suck. Been trying to overcome that so i can work a normal job. Oh? Well i'm sorry to hear but thats great yo've overcome that. Maybe my beating depression series will help. I'm sorry to hear that. I personally think you're a lovely human being who has plenty of purpose just hasn't found that stable place in their life yet. I'm in the same boat, but I've learned to put my heart in what I love and surround myself with friends even if they're online. It's not easy though I know.

Hang in there <3

This is pretty awesome news man! :) Congrats! Skimmed through your submissions and saw you have Scrotum listed under your submission too - similar story there? Pretty awesome to get credit on such classics as those.

I'm going to miss the old one for sure, but I'm happy you're in charge of the new. The bits in the behind the scenes sound great, true to the original, yet more powerful and punchy, and I'm pretty excited to hear that new boss fight too if I get around to playing it again. Glad you kept the same vibe for most of it, and the intro to that behind the scenes music video reminds a lot of that choppy part of the game. XD Wonder if there's still a copy of the old one around somewhere hmm, should maybe... back it up a bit... preserve the historical heritage regardless of potential copyright conflict, for a brave new world when such things no longer matter...

Though long loops definitely make for better listening overall, one of the things I miss about the old days are the short loops in particular btw. I submitted a bunch of those back then. Real crappy and pointless - if you look back at them now, but the file-size restrictions (and bandwidth restrictions for the submissions that used them) made for another kind of challenge with sound in online use: keeping things as short as possible while still keeping the loops from being monotone; building up an atmosphere. Can't say I did any of that caliber, but looking through old entries a lot of artists that submitted short loops in the early days of the AP were real masters of that craft. Like the new wave of pixel work, maybe that'll all come back in time though. Short loops for me = heavy nostalgia.

But anyway, this sounds great. Good stuff.

Yeah same story. Thanks! Yeah it was more of a challenge back in those days.