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Pixel Day + Need Voice Actors + More

Posted by RealFaction - December 19th, 2016

(Life updates are at the bottom if you're curious, and I posted a podcast episode about this.) http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/718049

Pixel Day

My Newgrounds holiday, Pixel Day is coming up January 21st with the contest!  It celebrates all retro gaming (like classics such as Megaman) from 8-bit to 32-bit!  If you want to make something for Pixel Day (like music, art, animations, games), read here for more details: http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/pixelday2017  Keep in mind, no parodies, has to be all original!  Tom and I will be judging submissions!  It's the second annual, the first was great! 

Thank you @TomFulp for letting this be a thing, and the new front page looks awesome!

Need Voice Actors for Audio Drama Series

I'm making an audio drama series (see this crappy thing I did for example: https://instaud.io/Evz), and I need voice actors!  I have some parts chosen already, but I still have a handful of parts I still haven't decided on that I'll need more auditions for (or some that haven't been auditioned for yet).    If you know any voice actors, point them to this post or have them message me! :)

I'll show the current cast, and what roles I still need more auditions more.  If you want to see the plot to this Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Drama, scroll to the bottom.  

The music will be done by me, @Ceevro, @PeterSatera, and @ForgottenDawn .  Some songs will be composed by some of us, some will be songs they've already made.  I'll also be asking other artists for songs they've made.  I've already made the theme song, but it's too early to unveil it, though I will be excited when it's time to show it, I've never made music like this before. 

Current Cast

Billy Cloud - @Saminat / Sam Zamora

Young Billy - @Rocker962 / Mark Gonzales

Krystal Valentine - @SailorSilverStar / Star

Ethan Roderick - @Saminat / Sam Zamora

Young Jessica - @ATheatricalSongbird / Aimee Smith

Billy's Mom - @ATheatricalSongbird / Aimee Smith

Krystal's Mom - @ATheatricalSongbird / Aimee Smith

Extras - Early 1900's Woman - @ATheatricalSongbird / Aimee Smith

Parts Still Available


Male Roles

Dr. Adam Walls: Though it isn't stated, he's in his 60's, and is the head of Roots Research Lab, the research team and company who started it all, making the drug.  He is a research scientist, and is the first voice you hear in the Prologue, and wishes to make everyone happy with this "genie in a bottle" drug as he says.  His vision gets twisted by others, but his original intent is to help people and things don't go as planned, but no spoilers as to why. 

His voice should sound like an older man in his 60's, it doesn't have to be rough or ragged, but honestly, I'll take any interpretations for this one.  This is who narrarates the beginning, I would like a potentially deep voice for this though, something that shows age. 

Billy's Dad:  Small role for Chapter 2, but Billy's dad is a fun guy.  He's the "let's go outside and play catch" type of dad, who also went fishing sometimes.  He has a fun expressive voice.  Something that shows a grown man's voice, but also full of energy. 

Jeremiah:  It's a small role, but decent amount of lines, a little more than the moms and dads.  This man can be easily compared to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and should have a hefty voice as such, or similar.  Something that sounds masculine, deep, maybe even heroic.  There's a reason for it, once you see the chapter.  I won't give away much, other than he is from the early 1900's, and should talk like a heroic gentleman.  Not time-travel.  You'll see.  Research on the accent will help.


Extras: These parts could easily be played by the actors as they're short lines in parts.  So I'd need a teen guy (think highschool),  Also, a DJ voice, someone energetic who can get people pumped at a live concert or party.

Female Roles

Jessica (her last name is revealed later): 17 years of age, kind've girly but also kind of a tomboy.  She's spunky, sweet, caring, and silly.  She's got a playful personality.  So that gives you an idea of what I'm looking for.  She's a side character, but has a decent amount of lines. (I might know who I want to cast currently, but I want to see more auditions before I cast the role to see who else has something to offer as well)

Young Krystal:  Krystal at 12-years old.  Something higher in pitch, same personality.  This Krystal is more fragile, and shy, so that will tell you what kind of voice I'm looking for.  Depending, the same voice actress could potentially do Noel, if able to do something slightly deeper than this. 


Abigail: Small role, but says more lines than the moms and dads.  She is a woman from the early 1900's (yes, same part of the book as Jeremiah), and is a victim of abuse, and worse.  Bonus points if you can give me a voice for this woman who sounds "proper" as they spoke in the early 1900's.  I'm open for different pitches for her voice though. Research on the accent will help, I believe it's called the "Trans-Atlantic" accent?

Extras: These parts could easily be played by the actors as they're short lines in parts.  So I'd need a teen girl, a motherly woman in her 50's or 60's with a similar nature to Mrs. Doubtfire in the tone of voice (I'll even be open to different accents for this one from around the world), News Anchor Woman (think professional news anchor woman voice, put simply).


The story itself deals deeply with emotions and character backgrounds since it's a very character-driven story related to the events going on, but the plot is basically set in the year 2086, and due to the falling economy and riots, the government decides to hire a research team to make a drug called Iris, issued by the FDA, to stop the riots, by giving this lucid-dreaming drug to people.  It can let them see their fantasies, their imagination with ease. 

But, little did they know they would be facing their fears, getting to know who they truly are, and waking up to a world on the verge of an apocolypse (not zombies or nukes).  It takes you through the characters' memories, their dreams, and will help you understand them, as well as take you on a mystical journey to survive in a dying world.   There is magic and other stuff eventually, no spoilers.

Statement + Life Updates

I realize this post is long, don't know who will read this far, but kudos if you did!  I'm really happy to be bringing this series to life, been working on it a long time writing-wise. 

As far as life updates....oh boy.   I quit my job, it was making me miserable, and I needed something better, and I'm a lot happier now, more myself.  Mentally, and emotionally, I was going to a darker place I didn't want to be, I had to quit.  I'm looking for a new job in the meantime.  I have a new "Talking Real" podcast episode up here soon talking about all this (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/718049) .  Working on commissions in the meantime and will be entering remix contests on other sites. 

Well that's all for now, thank you all for your support, and send me voice actors!  Yay!  Later guys!

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Haha what do ya mean? :P miss ya bud.

Would love to assist you as an extra! Feel free to message me with more details.

I don't see your work anywhere, no demo reels or anything. I'll send you a mesage.

I wonder what type of pixel art style submission your going for in the art category for pixel day? :)

Lol pixel art of course! :P Anything 8-bit to 32-bit range is welcomed.

Hey i just added some voice reels take a listen and them let me know if you like any of them.

I have a newer post if you check my account, I already have who I need casted, but will need people in the future. You have a pretty good mic, but the voices need work, but keep practicing, it takes time. You're on your way indeed. Good luck! Thanks for sharing.

I want to be a voice actor but I have a strong French accent so if you have a French character I don't say no :)