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About these Autism Jokes

2017-03-29 19:33:04 by RealFaction

Updated note:  It's not my intention to hurt anyone with this, but a disclaimer to the modern "norm", and the damage it can cause to others, and potentially causing you to lose friends.  I'm glad this is well-recieved so far, but I prepared for the worst.  It's just something to take in consideration, I want to spread love to the world, sorry if this comes off as harsh, just has to be said.  I love you guys.

Even though I posted something yesterday on my medical condition, I'm using my front page post today.  Why?  Because I'm really getting sick of these Autism jokes.  It's not funny, and I happen to have Autism.  Lately, I've been seeing people online do that "autistic screeching" bullshit.  Yeah, it's a bit offensive, and no, I'm not going to get over it.  It makes me sad.  We never asked to live with this mental handicap, we never asked to be undermined.  It's the same as being racist, in the sense you're doing what you're doing.

Before you think I'm out of line here, hear me out, and think about what you've done.  This is a perspective of the people you're insulting.  Surprise, I ACTUALLY have Autism.

Am I insecure about having Asbergers Syndrome, a form of Autism?  A bit.  It's not something I enjoy living with, but it makes me wonder if it's because of that which I'm able to be creative the way I am.  Part of me resents it, part of me doesn't, because technically it does make me who I am today, but it's a constant struggle.  It's a pain in the ass.  So for the future, do what you want, but just know you're disrespecting people like me when you insult us like that. 

I see people say on YouTube all the time in comments, "stop being so autistic".  I'm sorry, but fuck that.  That's not okay, and it's people like JonTron and LeafyIsHere who teach people that it's okay to be an asshole, as long as some people think it's funny, and that "butthurt" people should "get over it".  They use their fame for hate, and justify it by saying "free speech is a right".  It is a thing, but so is bullying people.  I'm waking you all up.

Want to see your good friends leave?  Keep it up. I'm sure people will try to attack me after making this post saying i'm "wrong" or trolls coming out to get me.  I'm aware of what I'm inviting.  Also, "triggered" is distasteful and childish.  Grow up.  I'm sick of these fads, these fucked up trends in current society, if you can call it that anymore.   We aren't any less human or capable than ANY of you.

Sorry to be a bummer, but fuck all of this.  I'm going to use this front page post to send a good message for once and say, think about what you say, before you say it, because once you lose the people you have, all because you thought something insulting was funny, it'll be too late. 

People like me who deal with Autism having to put up with this shit like a doormat is unacceptable.  We shouldn't control what people say, no, but I'm sick of people carelessly talking about a serious mental issue like it's some shit to joke about.  THAT'S the point.  I'm making a stand, and I'm going to be one of the rolemodels who puts a foot down on this issue, it's sad that it's even an issue at all.  So, I've said my peace, call me "triggered", call me "Autistic", do what you want, just be aware of what you're doing.  I'm not coddling, I'm being a voice for people like me.

Just something to think about.  I'm not staying quiet anymore.  If putting myself in the line of fire for insults and trolls is what it takes to stop all this by taking a stand, so be it, if it makes you feel better about your life by putting someone down.  Believe it or not, this is so widespread, it's ruining our reputation, making it hard for us to find jobs 90% of the time, and people wanting NOTHING to do with us when they find out we have Autism.  Please stop spreading this misinformation to ruin our reputation. 


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2017-03-29 19:51:10

I have autism and I find the jokes funny, you've just gotta look at it from a perspective of other people. Like you know since we would never screech or whatever so its funny for me to think of others screeching. Its mostly other autistic people making these sort of jokes.

RealFaction responds:

If only you saw the bullies I've seen and heard the horrible things people have said in the way they said them.


2017-03-29 19:57:35

You have autism? You never seemed like you had that

RealFaction responds:

Well i'm flattered, thank you. I will admit i've done a lot of work thanks to friends to improve myself by educating myself on the world and social cues, but it used to be really noticeable, like badly.


2017-03-29 19:57:57

You are completely right. I have no idea what you've seen and gone through. So you may have dealt with worse comments than I could handle so I was probably a bit rude eith my first comment so I'm sorry.

RealFaction responds:

I have. You're fine, just trying to educate people how serious it is.


2017-03-29 20:01:44

I have plenty autistic friends and we use retard jokes all the time. The problem's not the word per se, it's the context. If you're creative a narrative just to being an ass and inflict misery on others, then of course I don't have to tell you it's just plain unnecessary and wrong. These days it's a war on labels and sometimes it's just disheartening. I've actually ranted about this not too long ago. Words getting twisted and distorted to the point they lose their original meaning for the sake of being insults. It's just sad and it only creates more division.

RealFaction responds:

I don't find the word retard okay in any context, imo. Yeah...very disheartening. It's just how trends run nowadays, it's horrible, and sad. Division indeed.


2017-03-29 20:08:24

Honestly, I don't really care about these jokes. I was autistic as a child and now whenever I hear autistic jokes, I just laugh. Honestly man, you can just always ignore the joke and pretend to laugh. You don't have to complain about it, because the people who make these jokes will /never/ stop, even if you try to convince them. But then again, this is my opinion, not yours. On the other hand, if it is used as an insult, then that's when it crosses the line. THEN you can go on saying how that is offensive.

RealFaction responds:

They may never stop, but neither will I. I'll keep fighting it. I'm just sick of it being tossed around like a joke, it's Autism, not a joke. It does cross a line.


2017-03-29 20:10:10

I think within the right context an autism joke can be funny, but when you have legitimately autistic people in your life all these "autistic screaming" jokes get really old really fucking fast.

Its definitely nice to see someone speak out on how unfunny all these autistic jokes are.

RealFaction responds:

No. It can't. And thank you.


2017-03-29 20:31:45

I'm fairly certain these jokes are aimed at people on the more moderate/severe end of ASD. Still, I wince whenever I hear someone joke about it so harshly.

RealFaction responds:

I get that, but to me it doesn't matter how severe or mild, it's still a mental illness people want to laugh at. I personally hate having Autism.


2017-03-29 20:51:16

As someone with Asperger's Syndrome, I have to say: Thank you so much for making this post. I'm glad you put this out there to make people aware of how offensive those ignorant jokes can be. People who make such stupid jokes about autism are obviously unaware of who we really are. I hate jokes about autism, and I also hate how there are people who think girls can't have autism, but they're wrong. Believe me, I know what you're going through and I'm really glad you bravely confronted the ignorant haters. I wish everyone could understand that you and I are just normal people like anyone else.

Also, about the comment from JustAPunnyGuy, that was ignorant of him to say because you can't always tell if someone is autistic, especially if you meet them on the Internet.

RealFaction responds:

I appreciate that, and this is why I made the post, for people like me having to put up with it and how wrong it is that it's the new "norm" that it's okay to joke about, but it's not. They are ignorant and careless, that's why I'm educating people with this post in case they aren't aware of how terrible it actually is. I've met plenty of girls with it, not sure where people got the idea from that they can't get it.

Well...I can't say I'm normal, but I am human being like anyone else is, to that respect yeah we should be treated as such, not animals in a cage, like they seem to view us. Hey, Punny meant no harm, I get where he's coming from, sometimes you can tell online with symptoms, I can too, but I just don't show it much anymore because of my improvement, and it's refreshing to know it's not obvious.


2017-03-29 20:56:06

Oh shit I'm sorry about that man. We didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings with it as we were just going back and fourth with eachother after we saw robot-jones talking about Shadman's autism porn post. I don't think any of us including Robot, Ivan, Saminat and Shad had the intention of insulting people with autism.

RealFaction responds:

I'm not sure if Shad was joking or not, but if he wasn't he crossed a fine line and I'm not okay with him. I'm pretty sure he was joking, unless he actually has it. Who knows with him really. I get it was a trend, I know you guys probably meant no harm, but that's why I educated everyone. I'm sorry I came off as harsh, just stuff like that does indeed hurt.

I appreciate the apology. I know Sam's a good guy as are the rest of you. Shad? I dunno. He seems nice, but i just...sigh.


2017-03-29 20:59:27

My online friend has autism, ADD, is nearly anorexic and she makes those kind of jokes more than she actually reads about them. In her words, if it's implied to be a joke it's implied to not be taken seriously. Now if it was someone who was legitimately discriminating against her disorder then she'd be a little pissed, but she doesn't care if you do it in a joking manner. To each their own, I guess.

RealFaction responds:

To each their own I guess, I personally find it distasteful.


2017-03-29 21:08:36

Sorry if I hurt your feelings with that FP post it was never my intention, I didn't mean for it to be anything more than a stupid joke. I honestly don't think people on the autistic spectrum are what the internet makes them out to be, they're fully functioning members of society that are just like everyone else.

RealFaction responds:

I'm glad you feel that way, unfortunately most of youtube thinks autistic people are caged animals who are funny to laugh at because they're "dumber" in their words. Not dumber, just...naive in the sense people like us sometimes miss jokes and have blonde moments and therefore we don't get social cues as well, process things differently, and feel alien to the world we live in. That was my childhood.

Sorry I came off as harsh, but I had to slap everyone awake to this nonsense. I was suspicious that you all meant no harm, but I still made sure to write about it for the concern of you guys potentially losing friends over it, and to be aware of the damage actually done. Y'all are nice people, I just had to get it out and voice it. I'm glad this was well-received, but I was prepared for the worst.

Kinda like that moment on Snakes on a Plane when Sam Jack said "Enough is enough". Lol.


2017-03-29 21:22:06

I understand you're upset about it, but censoring words isn't gonna make things better either way, or creating social taboos. Understanding implies you know what the context is about. Words aren't the problem, it's HOW they're used. With my friends we've created a context where we can joke about it with no personal repercussions because we already know we respect each other for what we are. On the internet, it's generally used for griefing and bullying instead, making such things "okay". That's the difference. "Retard" is a word just like any other, and I think we should really stop with this whole taboo mentality. You have to understand the context of a word before saying it, this is what we could both agree on.

RealFaction responds:

Unfortunately. Yes, true. Mostly it's how it's used, the context, and so forth, that is horrible. Ehhh.....i guess. I just...I guess it's a sensitive topic with me and I don't like talking about it. I'm pretty insecure about having Autism. I hate admitting it, but it's a pain that's a burden on my life, even though I should probably accept my flaws and embrace who I am, it's just been so hard with what it's caused in my life for me and others I know/knew. But, you're probably right.


2017-03-29 21:31:55

calling people names using these degraded word to address them is never okay. call me a SJW, but when you use words like retard, autistic or faggot to address someone, even from the joke perspective, is good enough to get an uppercut to your jaw. you don't have the guts to say these shits IRL in people's face without they knock your whole jaw off, then why is it okay to say it elsewhere?

maybe im just a nut job anarchist, but i rather be a decent human than being a douche bag. or what i used to be.

RealFaction responds:

SJW is another term I hate. "Oh, they're calling me out for being an asshole! They're an SJW!" Jesus. Yep, all terrible names. EXACTLY! This is a great point! Amen, I wanna be decent, I care about people.


2017-03-29 21:34:38

i like the people that think all autistic people are low-functioning theyre my favourite XD

RealFaction responds:



2017-03-29 21:38:02

i was joking man

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

I'm serious about this post. I'm sorry I'm acting all serious here just....it urks me. But I thought it was more the case of they thought all people with Autism were high-functioning hence the disrespect from these people.


2017-03-29 21:57:30

also the whole mentality of "my bro has X so I can say Y" must be dumped down the garbage can. no your fucking anecdote about someone you know has this or that, doesn't enable you to insult people just because your 2 seconds joke line is immature.

and i also personally knew a few people on here got driven off this beautiful website all thanked to the ass fucking holes who think making jokes about their disability is hilarious.

free speech? that's down the fucking toilet.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Yep. Already the person above me on the front page artist news posts decided to take advantage of this moment to be an attention whore proud of himself for shitting on my post. Fuck people like that. Yep. That does not surprise me one bit. It's gotta stop. I believe in free speech, but when you're just flat out insulting people, what do you expect the result to be? But yeah...it's a sad world.


2017-03-29 23:25:04

Yeah Jay, sorry my man, It was just to stick with the goofy trend that RJ started making fun of Shad's post. I'm sorry for any ill will that you felt

RealFaction responds:

It's alright. I just want people to understand. I guess its a sensitive subject for me. I'm not mad at you, i just wanted to inform everyone. I'm mostly mad at the people who purposefully don't care about what they say like those youtube users in the comment section.


2017-03-30 00:08:02

Spreading awareness of the fact that slurs actually offend people is a good idea, but I think it's important to use a more "modest" tone to ensure that your intended audience doesn't perceive your message as you trying to restrict their free speech. I think your current tone mainly appeals to people who already agree with you.

RealFaction responds:

It's not easy to do, but I didn't want to come off as a raging tyrant, could have been worse. I get what you mean though. Not sure how else to say it really, hence the disclaimer at the beginning in hopes they understand where I'm coming from.


2017-03-30 02:37:02

One, I am proud of you for coming out.

Two, people use free speech while forgetting that the limit to one's freedom is the freedom of another. If they say free speech, they have got to be prepared for the consequences of actually damaging somebody's psyche.

RealFaction responds:

Thank you. Yes! That's a good way to put it, I agree. Amen to that.


2017-03-30 06:19:28

Pretty sure @Troisnyx put it better than I ever could.

I'd say I was more annoyed than offended by this string of news post titles, but I see your point. Even if it's not a potentially offensive joke, it did without a doubt become unfunny and overused quickly.

I wouldn't call myself a particularly sensitive type, but being autistic and going through YT comments from time to time (honestly not recommended), the sheer amount of obnoxiousness can get to ya.

As a YT example, this kinda reminds me of the fact that almost all videos for 'God Save The Queen' or 'Land Of Hope And Glory' are filled with tosspots going 'HOORAY FOR BREXIT' or 'GET US OUT OF THE EU' for goodness sake we came here for songs, not polarizing political clusterfuckery.

Every place has its assholes, unfortunately.

RealFaction responds:

Amen. Unfortunately, yes.


2017-03-30 09:03:15

Shadman does not have autism, he was being facetious

RealFaction responds:

Figured. And this is why I don't respect em.


2017-03-30 09:14:10

If you're "triggered", I am too. No fucks given. I'm an aspie too. I'm not as affected by the jokes, but it pisses me off that people are supporting assholes, not aspies, people with autism, disabilities, etc., when it's EXTRA hard for us to connect with people as is, without people assuming that just because we've been diagnosed, this is what we are.

If you're gonna be an anal prolapse in public, you deserve whatever treatment you get. You choose to make an ass of yourself. We don't choose what we were born with, and if I catch you harassing and belittling disabled people in my hood? You best bet you're in for an assitude adjustment.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

RealFaction responds:

Aww. Yeah....it sucks. Exactly how I feel.


2017-03-30 10:58:27

Yeah, I'm honestly not a fan of people making fun of us. As someone who has Asperger's as well, I know first-hand how cruel people can be.

RealFaction responds:

Yeah ....sadly.


2017-03-30 10:59:28

And a follow-up, you honestly one of the best people on this site: spreading awareness abou this is an amazing example :)

RealFaction responds:

Aww thank you.


2017-03-30 13:48:46

I agree with you. Certain jokes simply shouldn't be made, especially jokes that can effectively hurt people with mental problems, and spread stupid misconceptions about said problems.

RealFaction responds:

Yep. That's also why I hate it, it gives people the wrong ideas.


2017-03-30 15:59:15

Nobody put you down. You chose to personally make something not about you all about yourself.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

You're missing the point here. This stuff is NOT okay. It is a sensitive subject for me because I have Autism, so it sort of is about me without it being direct, it is about anyone who has Autism. People throwing a mental illness around like a joke to insult people giving them the wrong idea of what it actually is, whether they're intending to be an ass or not, it's not cool. If it wasn't a problem, all these people who commented would've have agreed.

It's something that's been going on too long, Autism is a meme now. That's sickening to me. If someone talked bad about a dead family member of yours in an insulting way, would you think that's ok? If you were suicidal and everyone threw that around as a joke at your school, would that be ok? See where I'm getting at? Same thing. It would hurt. It would strike a nerve.

Like I said, people can say what they want, but this is an awareness post to fight this, people kill themselves over this stuff, people like me have trouble going around when people have the wrong ideas about what Autism really is, treating us like caged animals. I'm just fighting the hate and rumors in the world. I want to be insightful to a world who doesn't know what being decent means anymore.

Now did they put me down personally? No, and the people here had no intention to, I get your point, and in that way you're right, but I didn't choose to make it about me, people online chose to be ignorant about Autism because of hateful youtube channels spreading this shit being influential in a negative way. I chose to put my foot down and as you can see in the comments, these people weren't aware of what they were doing, but because of this post, they now do. It helped people. Sometimes people just don't realize what they do, and someone's got to give some insight.

We live in an age where Autism is a MEME, something's wrong here. Obviously. Only reason this reply is so long is because I care about giving insight on this issue for those who may not understand where I'm coming from.


2017-03-30 17:31:08

Finally! Thank you. I'm sick of people dehumanizing my group and then saying "Don't be angry, I'm not insulting you. I'm just insulting your whole group. Don't make this about yourself. Why does everything have to be about you?"

RealFaction responds:



2017-03-30 17:39:12

Well, I think that's a more complex subject. Comedy is mostly based on tragedy, so most of the time when you laugh at some joke it involves the harming/disrespecting/insulting/degrading, etc. of some real or fictional individual.
Think of it no only as a way of mocking, but as a way of turning that tragedy in something else.
That is really interesting if you think about what's the nature of hilarity. With this mindset you NEED someone to be downgraded,punished,stupid or whatever to "tell a joke".
Think about goofy or daffy duck, the joke is that or they're not the brightest or they are having physical/psychologial pain due to X event.

To clarify: That's not the only way comedy shows, and I fully agree on your post.
I know some people can be very harsh, but maybe the thing here is when and where to make such jokes, instead of banning certain things to be said.
I'm glad that you can defend your posture on this, and I hope there will be more sensitization and consciousness on those who only intend to fell like a superior being just by demeaning others.

RealFaction responds:

I can understand that, but when it comes to a mental disorder, I think that's crossing a line, or two. I understand some people want to turn it into something positive, but still, in the end it results in people treating us like crap. I'm not willing to be a doormat for someone else's pleasure. That's just sick.

Unfortunately you're right though, with how those people think. Thank you.


2017-03-30 19:19:46

Stop being so autistic.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Well, you decided to bring attention to yourself and make yourself look like an ass it seems. I stand by what I said, I'm standing up for people like me. Fuck you for not seeing us like human beings. People like you are the problem who try and undermine and dehumanize us.

PS: I was aware someone would do this already, like I said, I'll get in the fucking line of fire of people like you to speak up for people like me. I bet you wouldn't defend people because you don't care enough to respect human beings.


2017-03-30 19:32:47

Zero2562130 had one of the most ignorant comments I've ever seen. Sorry for ranting, but people like him just don't get it. You have a right to express your opinion about the disrespect, and people like Zero2562130 shouldn't expect to get anywhere in life if they won't respect others' differences. Is there a way to report people like him on Newgrounds?

RealFaction responds:

Exactly. I'm not sure on how to report that stuff outside of forums, but there should be a report button.


2017-03-30 20:15:43

People are gonna do as they please; you can't control others. You can only control how you react. You'll be a lot happier in life when you learn how to not give a fuck about what others say and stop taking things personally.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

I realize that, but I'll also do as I please by being a voice of reason to stop this kind of verbal abuse to my people. It's no different than being racist in my eyes. I don't expect everyone to get it, but the least I can do is do something about it. Like when NWA said "Fuck the police", they had a voice for racist cops, and they brought awareness to an issue. I'm doing the same thing here, only in this case, it involves a mental disorder.

What you're saying makes sense, I get what you're saying, but what I'm saying, is that there's a wide misconception of what Autistic people really are like, and like we're treated as a joke. We want people to see we're human just like them, and should be treated as such. How would you feel if the world saw you as a big joke and misunderstood you no matter what you said to some people?

I don't care what people think about what I do, but when it comes down to a mental disability, and people want to give us a bad name, that is NOT okay. Get my drift? Memes gave us a bad name, and I'm going to fight to give us a good name. Take me for example, I've come a long way simply because I had friends who were patient with me, and educated me, HELPING my Autism, and now most people can't tell I have it.

I'm actually smart, but a lot of people seem to think Autism makes you dumb. To me, this is JUST as important as restoring a reputation of a skin color, because though we ARE different, we're still human beings and too many people don't give us a chance, because our reputation has been tarnished by some assholes who think they get us.

Sure, we could ignore it, but how about this: Because of shit like this, I couldn't get a job 90% of the time because I was honest about all of my mental disorders, even though I got interviews. They wanted NOTHING to do with me, and then I decided to start hiding it, not telling them anymore instead, and I got jobs. What does that tell you? The world doesn't give us enough of a chance. That's my story.

My goal, is to someday bring light to this matter in a spotlight, where millions can see it, so that way, at the very least, I can do it right, and beyond then, it'll be up to the people to decide whether they want to listen to us or not. I won't be happy until that day comes, because then I can say I did everything I could to show what we truly are. Until then, I will keep fighting the memes, the false lies, and the hate, for the sake of this.

If everyone ignored racism, or stereotypes like this, no one would truly understand each other, and there would be even more hate than there is now. You can't eliminate racism and judgement entirely, but it shouldn't be ignored. We can't be overthrown like a doormat, abused like this. You wouldn't be okay with that in a home, so why online?


2017-03-30 23:40:35

I was actually thinking about your earlier today, no joke. Wondering how shitty ol' Louisville has been treating you. I was actually gonna send you a message when I got a chance!

Anyway, the bad thing about jokes sometimes is that someone or something is always used as its expense. I'm not saying i agree about the autism jokes, there are a couple people who are on the spectrum in my family, so I have a personal stake in it at sorts. What I do find...weird for lack of a better term is how it came about as a joke. Like, I think some terms should be used as a joke to strip them of their meaning, especially if they're hurtful. Or to point out absurdities. Matt Stone and Trey Parker do this this a lot with South park and the shit they put in their episodes. But they aren't doing it just to be funny, at least that's how I take it. Maybe a little funny, but I hope you catch my drift.

But in the case of 'being autistic' its like just trying to be edgy or whatever and there really a meaning to strip from it, and after a while its dull and stupid and I can definitely see how its hurtful for people who are on the spectrum. What's weirder to me, with some of these people who say these hurtful things, I think to myself, does this person TRULY mean it? No matter the word or what they say, I ponder if they actually mean it or if they're really a hurtful person? I wonder what goes on in their mind. Part of me hopes they aren't really trying to be hurtful but their choice is very poor. But part of them is at fault because they have to know in a situation as this, it isn't your 'typical' joke because autism, do they really just don't give a shit? That is what is boggling my mind.

The same could almost be said for say....someone throwing around so and so being a fascist, as a joke or whatever, unfortunately it strips the meaning from the word for those who are truly are fascist.

Anyway, I think I'm rambling. Hope all goes and stays well dude! I'll probably still hit you up with a message soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

RealFaction responds:

Ha awesome. Well I got a job now just having medical issues i'm taking care of. Yeah exactly, I don't see why people felt the need to make it a joke or a meme. I'm guessing people are just afraid of something different. I'm about to upload a new voice acting clip inspired by the whole issue, to hopefully inspire people to think about it. I see it the same as racism. Thanks man. Feel free to.


2017-03-31 01:57:50

"It is a thing, but so is bullying people"

bullying people is wrong, personal insults are wrong, superiority is wrong but humor regarding touchy subjects cannot be inherently wrong.

we all have our shortcomings. There are things wrong with me that I would welcome people to poke fun at me for, and other things that I would prefer they would not. But we all have to remember that some of the stuff we find funny, is going to hurt other people. If we have to respect everyone's humor in entirety, then we would live in a humorless world and usher in the other spectrum of fascism. But humor is a two way street. In order to make a joke, and to execute it in the right context, we should be aware of the subject and the hurtful history behind it. And there are appropriate places to make jokes. shadman cracking a joke about autism on your page would be uncool; drawing a cartoon poking fun of autism on his own page is his prerogative alone and hopefully is addressed with a warning for offensive material.

the internet as a whole, despite what people may try to make it be, isn't one giant safe space.

shadman/JonTron/Leafyishere haven't made any personal attacks. They haven't made any sincere claims that a certain group of people are lesser for having a mental or physical difference.

you're an artist. you should know that what you do has the potential to be offensive to specific people. the artist doesn't give offense, but rather people take offense from it.

besides....shadman has been cartooning extreme taboo subjects for the past decade...do you really think he's trying to propagate any of the behavior that he draws outside of the fantasy realm? As for a second example- just because Tom created Pico's School and you agreed to compose the original soundtrack, doesn't mean that you both are making light of school shootings.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

I get your point, and to some degree you're right, but like I said, there are fine lines. Please stop trying to justify those hateful people. They're the reason certain terms as such exist on the net. They're STILL attacks, even if not personal, it's just as bad as racism. I stand my ground on my points.

I'm aware of what Shadman does, I never liked it. And this time he went too far. While it's true I did make an original soundtrack for the game, no I don't condone school shootings. It's true you're making good points here, but if you saw how people treated others with Autism, you'd understand better.

I've seen lots of hateful comments on the internet spawning from this "comedy" directed torwards people like me, like "oh stop being so autistic". It's distasteful and rude. I don't like it when people try to justify that kind of stuff. I respect your point on shortcomings and making light of it all, but it's like dancing on someone's grave, or making fun of someone suicidal, or being racist. It's just rude, and is destructive more than constructive.

I do respect the constructive comments you've made here, and I appreciate that in a debate and an individual, but I have to say I stand by my point. This only fuels hate in the world and misunderstanding of what people with Autism really are and ruins our reputation, and why a lot of us can't get jobs, because people have the wrong ideas about us. It hurts our reputation. It's defamation of character. That's why I hate it.

I agree the internet is great for the fact it's grounds for free speech, but people's true colors being their views on this, makes me truly sad. Autism is a meme now, how sickening. You'd think society would learn how to be decent, and we're only falling farther, and farther. They're afraid of what they don't understand, so they attack what's different to feel accepted in society, to avoid being rejected.

Mainly the issue for me is how it influences people to bully us when we try talking to them how we normally do, and we get attacked for being different, it's memes like that which inspire them to not like us before they even get to know who we really are, like racism at it's finest. I've had experiences, I've met a lot of people, and failed to get a lot of jobs, solely because of the rejection of people with Autism, like me.

It spreads misinformation and guess what that does? It makes our lives harder, we have to work harder just to get around in the world, all because of some joke. To them I say, "Congrats world, I hope you've had your fun with your jokes, because now we can't have a chance to live a real life because of it."

It's one thing if it wasn't so widespread and such a problem to this degree, but now a huge number of people don't want anything to do with us, before they even meet us, and that's not fair. This needs to be fixed, we want to be seen as human beings.


2017-03-31 03:59:47

I'm totally not justifying hateful people or behavior though, that much should be pretty clear from my post. Granted, I'm not familiar know much about Jontron/leafyishere. I just assumed they're like Filthy Frank and Sam Hyde who produce offensive material but really aren't hateful people.

of course these -isms are bad when presented at face value. and yes, needless to say, there are people out there who don't have jocular intentions but are actually racist, sexist, ableist, and they need to be dealt with swiftly. there are people who take comedy at face value. do artists need to due a better job at supporting awareness, and that humor is to stay in the 'blue room'? to a certain degree yes- but a single artist cannot dictate meme culture, nor are they responsible for who gets access to their content, and the choices that there audience makes. Ignorance only occurs at an individual level. And I get your message here, you're not specifically singling out the content creators themselves, but the audience and how the comedic material can maliciously bleed over into personal discussions such as the YouTube comment section.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

I've seen enough of their work to say, believe me, they are hateful people with no regard to the hateful things they say. They are indeed bullies. Now I hear Jon is a nice guy, but quite frankly, after hearing his disgusting plethora of disgusting humor, I don't think so.

I understand what you mean, but still, these are role models to kids, they're putting this into their heads, and are responsible. It's not just them, it's anyone who posts this kind of stuff to wreck our reputation. It's so serious because it went too far and now some of us have to scrape the barrel just to live an almost normal life. It's ruined our reputation as people, as a whole. That's why it's so serious.

If it didn't affect us so much, and wasn't so widespread, I'd probably just brush it off. But I spoke up because too many people believe we're truly stupid, incapable degenerates who "don't have the ability to love" (another false statement many people believe about Autism).

It's the creators, AND the audience. It's gone too far. It makes me sad and hurts that so many people think so poorly of us that it's ruining our lives, we can't even approach people a lot of the time now when they find that out. In the past, one girl I asked out liked me until a couple weeks after I told her that, then she wanted NOTHING to do with me. :( It's a sad world my friend.

It affects how we get jobs, how we get dates, how we are represented, and these people have the nerve to speak for us, about us. That's what they do when they talk about us, like they know everything about us. I wish we lived in a less judgemental world. I want to say it's almost more widespread than racism, but probably not, but it sure has been a serious problem for me and others.

But you know what IS good? I still have a lot of great friends who like me anyway, so it's not like I have no one, but it still does affect my life to where I have to hide it (as much as I hate censoring myself, I can't get a job most times if I don't hide it). It's almost like taboo to some people.

But I do respect your opinion though, you do make good points. Most of the people who were a part of that front page newspost "x has autism" trend, didn't realize what they were actually doing. Some people don't intend to be racist, but end up saying racist things without realizing it, but it's good when you can educate them and then they know better, they're nice people. But sadly, a lot of people aren't that nice, and do it even while knowing the damage they're doing to a group's reputation.

With that said, I must say, you're delightful to talk to. It's refreshing to see an intelligent conversationalist to this degree engaging conversation in a mature and insightful way.


2017-04-06 03:11:08

I'm going out of character for this comment.
Different opinion here. I have HFA. and I could hardly care less about jokes on the internet. It's a waste of energy to feel insulted over stupid jokes over the internet by random kids.
I'm a big supporter of free speech. if one thing isn't okay - then nothing is okay. I believe in the right to make a joke about anything you want. Could these jokes be distasteful? yeah but whatever.
The only times I would actually care is if there is actual harassment involved.

And to your comment 'people don't want anything to do with you for having autism' is just personal experience. For me at least when I mention it the people I hang with are still my friends. I'm not a social butterfly but my gaming circle still keeps in touch. Maybe you need to find better people to be around with man.


I love JonTron's content. As well as filthy franks, idubbbz, etc.

I do agree with you, leafy is garbage.


I have to disagree with you on the 'our reputation' shit. I have no reason to 'censor' myself over a stupid meme on the internet. If I have a problem and feel the need to talk with people about it, they will listen and try to help if its field in where we could adapt.

People with a dark sense of humor aren't always assholes.

RealFaction responds:

Perhaps you have a point there. I guess my fear of it is just reputation. It's personally made it harder for me to find jobs and date and be open about it, but i still have a good group of friends who accept me for it luckily. I just feel like because of this meme people get the wrong impression of us and treat us like outcasts such as I have.


But in the end, maybe it's simply the fact the world is a hateful place, this is the true colors of others, even if you want them to understand, they don't care to, and probably hated us in the first place and/or have a nature to treat others poorly, and I guess what isn't in our control has to be accepted one way or another.


I recently was told by my friend she has autism and severe anxiety and depression, and she deals with it by cracking jokes like that, it cheers her up during a PTSD episode, it's how she copes. I thought it was a bit odd but I understand. I guess I just feel like insulting the world is destructive by nature and gives people the wrong ideas of who anyone is.


Maybe I'm wrong, I dunno. But you do make a good insightful point, those who take those ideas seriously and truly insult people with autism, slinging that on the internet, are complete assholes if they truly despise us.


I guess it's my goal to bring people together more and create less division, spread love and joy, as angry as I can get sometimes over things. But maybe if we learn to laugh at each other in a way that we all accept who we are, maybe the world would be a better place, I guess I also fear encouragement of putting us down...I dunno.


I'm not really sure about the issue anymore. I have anxiety about this kind of stuff, partially due to my insecurity and I care about people, I don't want them to feel hated or insulted...idk. But you made me think, and I feel in ways you are right. Kind've inspirational. Thank you. I guess I have something to think about.


You're a standup guy. I'm surprised you commented, but glad you did. I wish to keep learning about the world and the people in it, as well as finding ways to enjoy my life and make it enjoyable for others too. I'm tired, I gotta get some sleep lol but perhaps maybe I can be at peace on this issue for the some part. Though it is my goal to educate people more on people with Autism so we might have more of a chance than we have, so people won't have to go through what I did anymore.


Fuck, I type a lot, I wanna type less, but don't know how. x_x


2017-04-09 14:22:48

I'm divided on this issue myself. Also a fellow sufferer, but I kinda acknowledge that as society runs one group targeted insult into the ground, more will emerge in an endless cycle. I mean, I'm also a sufferer of bipolar disorder, and god knows "bipolar" has been incorrectly used to describe people who just change moods suddenly (by no means an accurate description of bipolar), and there's an entire trove of these damn slurs lying around in our society.

Dumb for those who can't speak, lame for those with physical handicaps, hysterical for women PMS'ing, schizo for people suffering from one serious burden of a condition, crazy and psycho for god knows how many things, retarded for the mentally disabled, gay for those of a different orientation.

There's a lot of bad words is my point, and in fact, bad is originally a slur for a man deemed too feminine. Society's been at this game for ages, either way, and it'll keep finding someone who suffers from something to make the next derogatory term.

Suffice to say society's full of idiots, but I find the best way to distance myself from taking this stuff too seriously is to just step back and realize what an inaccurate depiction it tends to be. We live in a generation where ASD of all ranges is becoming quickly and accurately identified, if only for men. I don't think it'll be possible to seriously hold a slur against something so plentiful and personalized, or at least not for long.

Now the only thing to do it wait for this gag to run its course, die down, and see who gets victimized next. Autism just happens to be one of the latest hot button issues, so the next time something else crops up, it may just very well be the new target.

Wouldn't choose it, but the world's full of insecure idiots.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Bad is a slur? I had no idea...huh. Strange. Well if you read Sequenced's comment and my reply I think that's the best update I can give to my opinion on it. I think I've come to the conclusion it's okay to joke with friends, and if it is public it should be a way that isn't being hateful, like showing you don't hate that group of people but just joking but at the same time not going too far I guess.

But for those who straight up insult people like when I was attacked by a couple people for my post recently, noooot okay. I've been thinking on the issue, but I wouldn't call people idiotic for being insecure, I'm insecure too. Nothing wrong with that, but I will say people like me should get help for it so that we aren't as insecure about our issues and get to a point where we're happier with ourselves to be productive. I'd like that.

But also on the other hand sometimes the people slinging the insults are insecure and feel the need to distance themselves from people like us, ironically. Or just the disregard/ignorance of another's feelings. I still don't like when people use the word "autistic" though like "don't be so autistic" because that IS an insult to us saying "don't be dumb like an autistic person". That's the one I won't let go of.

It's like saying, "Don't be such a white person", or "don't be such a gender you are". But on the other hand, there are some "racist" jokes people of their own race laugh at that aren't offensive because it's meant to be light-hearted, and that to me I think I could live with. Same would go for Autism, if it's meant to be light-hearted and isn't accusing us of a seriously bad stereotype going too far, I think that's ok.

But saying something like "women can't drive" like what I saw someone say to a woman the other night, ehhh no...just no. She was hurt and pissed, as I felt she should be, I stuck up for her. Dude was an asshole.

So what I'm saying is in the end, I think as long as it's meant to be light-hearted and not seriously offensive, it's good to laugh at ourselves every now and then, I don't want to be too uptight but I think there's a difference between lighthearted humor and insults. You'd think after 25 years of living I'd learn this already, but I guess I didn't both to look into it enough until it bothered me enough and I saw enough insults of my own issues to speak up.

Overall I'm glad I raised this issue to talk about it and be more educated. What @Sequenced said really taught me something and changed my views on the issue and will probably make me a more enjoyable guy. As long as people respect me and not put down my condition like I'm dumb or something I'm cool with it lol.

I think i've seen some Autism jokes that weren't insults but rather observations and making light of it like stuff we do, like talking a lot.