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From Sourpuss to Sweeeet Music

2017-04-01 03:54:49 by RealFaction

I want to make a positive fun post telling you guys what I'm pumping out here soon, though I stand by my points in the last post, I hope I didn't come off as mean or hateful, just have to put my foot down on certain issues.

So, what have I been up to?

Health Update

This will give you an idea of how things will roll along with everything, because it all depends how much better I get.  Well, I've been on a stronger acid reflux medication, but also it's caused by Anxiety Disorder, which I've been fighting for 6 years.  I've been meditating more, taking some herbs (no, not marijeeewahna, stuff like rosemary on my food), just stressing less about my health.

With that said, unfortunately I'm STILL having some burning pain since it's still acting up, but it's slowly getting better.  I haven't been sleeping too well because of it though, but I'm managing.  Still better than I was.  I've been working on stuff so at last I'm good enough to do that again.

Music on the Way

I released a new song called "Breathe" as you can see in my latest audio submissions.  I also recorded myself singing it, check it.


I'm also working on more Kid Project beats and lyrics, that's been sorta underwraps.  I DO have the album cover though which I painted myself in Sai.  Still some while to go, but this year I want to release the first record, later in the year.

So what's next?  Well, VERY SOON, like we're talking THIS MONTH POSSIBLY SOON (yey), Piercing Lazer is coming out with a NEW track, that isn't traditional Piercing Lazer, but will give you a taste of the album coming next year, as I've also for a while been in the works on a new Piercing Lazer record.  That will be the next song you'll see from me, possibly. 

There's other stuff, but gotta wait a bit longer before I can really talk about that "stuff".  But it's big :x

The Future of my "Talking Real" Podcast Series

I'm sort of at an impass as to where to take my podcast series.  I haven't had much to talk about.  I was considering following up to my last episode, because people replied to a comment I made on a Zelda BOTW walkthrough video, amazing theories that make sense that I wanted to share, plus a friend of mine being a guest on the show who's a HUGE Zelda fan and knows a LOT on the lore to give what I'd call "professional insight".

Besides that, I might talk about my theory as to what Halo 6 will be about, and if 343 will botch it as bad as they did with Halo 4 and 5.  Other than that, I'm not sure where to take my series, but I'd certainly love to have guests on in the future for season 3, talking about a topic of their choosing, shootin' the shit, ya know.

Finally, the Rock Has....oh, uh, I mean....Finally, Venturescape!

I'm near close to getting enough content to release a teaser trailer of Venturescape, my upcoming audio drama which I've been writing for 7 years (originally as a book, more revision than length, but still a good length).  My goal is to introduce the first 4 episodes every week for a month, and if people want more, I'm going to set up an IndieGoGo page for it, or whatever is best for funding, to help it along. 

The artwork for it is nearly complete, which is being done by the wonderfully talented @Lampabot, check out his awesome work!  He works hard, and has a Patreon, you should go support him! 

I have voice actors from Freedom Planet and Funimation involved in the project, whom I'm a big fan of, so it's really exciting to have them on board!  But yeah, teaser trailer SHOULD be out within a month or so, we'll see how smoothly things go.  Good things take time, and I've been polishing this baby with original music from me and others, sound effects, and directing these amazing voice actors who do the roles great justice.

This is the closest thing to my heart besides music, and I'm really attached to writing and these characters, and this story.  I really hope it does well.  I'll also be voicing a few small roles.

Well, that's all for now (says the one who typed a lot of friggin' stuff on this post).  See you all soon!  Let me know what you think about my ideas for my podcast series, or if you have any suggestions!


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2017-04-04 16:46:06

That's pretty cool, good luck.

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