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Voice Actors Needed! (Updated)

2017-04-15 01:36:50 by RealFaction

Hi there!  I've been casting more voice actors for my audio drama series, Venturescape Season 1!  I've casted many talented folks here from newgrounds, as well as from Funimation (Marissa Lenti), voice actors in Freedom Planet (Aimee Smith and P. M. Seymour), and Brizzyvoices! This series is written, directed, and edited by me and I'm doing some of the original music for the series as well as a few other great NG musicians!

The series is currently in production, but if I get these parts filled soon enough, I want to provide a teaser trailer in the Summer or before, I'm hoping.  My goal is to release the series later this year.  So what parts do I need?  Let's see!  If you wish to try out for these parts, message me and I'll give you some test lines!

Venturescape Episodes 3-8 Casting

Female Main Roles Needed

Noel Rae (Role Taken): 16 years of age, should sound shy, but sweet.  Is from Orlando, Florida in the story, she will have an American accent.  She loves to write stories, and has goes through a lot of trauma, hence why she is shy and scared.  She's one of the main characters and appears throughout the series,

Female Side Roles Needed


Krista Jean:  30-years old, spunky, a tomboy, got some edge to her personality.  She's a little wacky and a thrill-seeker, she's the type that would love to go skydiving.  As far as her voice, I want her to sound distinct, something maybe with a little rasp or gravel in her voice like she smoked a lot.  I'm open for interpretation of this role though.  She almost is a main character with how many lines she has in the series.  (Think of Revy from Black Lagoon type of voice if possible)

Female News Reporter (Role Taken): Sounds professional like a female news anchor would.  Should sound anywhere from mid 20's to older in range, I'm open with this.

Male Main Roles Needed

Jacob Leach (Role Taken):  22 years old, Rose's older brother.  They moved to America from Brighton, England, so he has an English accent.  I'm open for interpretation with this role.  I may do the role, but I'd like to see if I can find someone good for him.  He's one of the main characters of the series.   Though, he's mostly serious, a little TOO serious.

Male Side Roles Needed (the kids could be played by a female though as well)

Male News Anchor (Role Taken):  Professional sounding like you would hear on the news, anywhere from mid 20's to older. 

Ryan (Role Taken):  A male in his mid 30's (sound-wise) who is caring and responsible.  Think of how your highschool teacher would act like.  He helps one of the main characters in a major way. 

Daniel (Role Taken):  A little 8-year old boy (who could be played by a male or female) who feels insecure about himself, and doesn't like people too much, until Rose warms up to him.

Playground Bully (name isn't said): The boy who picks on Daniel from time to time, around 10-years old.  I might play this role if I can't find anyone for him.   

PA System Voice/Roots Research Lab Employee (Role Taken): During a big event (no spoilers here), a voice over the PA system announces stuff.  No specific voice required here, I'm open for any interpretation, so long as it sounds good.  It involves minor shouting (not like at the top of your lungs shouting, but more like raised volume in voice).

If anyone currently on the team would like to try out for these roles or spread the word to anyone you know who you think would do the roles justice, feel free to link them here!  Thanks!  Here's the official reveal of the Season 1 artwork by the talented @Lampabot !  I added the title. 




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2017-04-15 02:13:09

Uh, I don't really know how this "voice-acting" really is, but I'd be pleased to help.
Regarding to the roles,I'd choose the research lab employee, I'm a newbie in this kind of things, and also in NG, so I think itd be ok to go for it.

RealFaction responds:

I'd prefer someone who has at least some experience, but feel free to look into voice-acting and send me any sample clips once you've worked on some voices of your own, thanks! It takes a while to get the hang of.


2017-04-15 03:17:08

I'd like to try out. Please send me any male lines you got.

RealFaction responds:

Sure thing.


2017-04-15 04:42:53

I'd love to try voicing for the female lead role; the description sounds an awful lot like me. Send me some lines you'd like me to say ^-^

RealFaction responds:

Sure thing! Thanks!


2017-04-15 04:48:26

As much as I fit the trauma side of things, I don't think I fit the "American accent" side of things. My attempt at an American accent will come out as a fake Brooklyn accent.

RealFaction responds:

Awww xD


2017-04-15 09:24:52

Hey there! I can probably fill any of the 3 female roles you're looking for. Where would you like me to audition? :)

RealFaction responds:

Awesome! I'll send you some lines and you can upload the audio clips to dropox or some file sharing site it zip them up in a .rar file and upload them to the NG dump and link that to me, whatever works. :)


2017-04-15 11:24:38

I could try doing some voice acting. I think I'm decent at it.

RealFaction responds:

Well, I'd prefer to have someone with some experience showing some demos and stuff, but what specifically would you like to try?


2017-04-15 12:26:52

I may try out for research lab employee, I can give a deep tone of voice. Send me a small line for try out.

RealFaction responds:

Nice, sure thing! Thanks!


2017-04-15 13:11:47

You didn't provide any sides or anything.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

What do you mean? I have side characters up there. What do you mean by sides?


2017-04-16 00:40:48

You didn't provide any dialogue to record (AKA sides) or test with. Do you want people to specifically get in touch with you before that?

RealFaction responds:

Yes i actually realized that some hours ago and revised this post after your last comment but I didn't know sides meant lines. I don't want to sling out lines publicly to spoil any of the story for anyone to read, I want them to contact me personally and then I'll provide the lines. I'm sensitive about giving my story out too early, and don't want it to be spoiled. :X

But I noticed I wasn't too specific about that until I revised the post, so added that in now xD sorry about that.


2017-04-16 01:44:47

I can give the News Anchor role a shot if you'd like. I did some local news intern stuff in high school, so I know the gist of the voice inflections. Let me know if you're interested.

RealFaction responds:

Wow nice! There's some good experience, you bet! :) That must've been fun. I'll shoot you a message!


2017-04-16 01:57:15

Let me try some of the Bully's lines. The last time I did voice acting I had a shitty mic, but now that I have a better one and know how to use it I bet I could do it better.

RealFaction responds:

Sure! Keep this post in reference for his age and tone! :) I'll send you some sample lines.


2017-04-16 08:50:19

Anything still available buddy?


RealFaction responds:

Sure are! I'll message you some lines. Thanks!


2017-04-16 14:19:14

I'd be interested, send me some lines if you'd like!
I'll try out Jacon Leach, Male News Anchor, Ryan and even the PA System voice.


(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Woah...just checked that out, for submitting a first demo, that is quite impressive! You're really good. I think you could potentially be Jacob AND the news anchor, you got a good voice and accent for both! :) I'll shoot you some sample lines, thanks! The PA System role is already taken i just updated it but the others are still up for auditions. Thanks!


2017-04-17 15:12:05


Here is my demo, please let me help!

RealFaction responds:

You're really talented! :) Thanks for contacting me! I'll send you a message.


2017-04-23 00:21:42

Here's a link to my demo reel! I'd be interested in helping out!
Though... I tend to be better reached via e-mail than by Newgrounds, if that's alright!

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Not bad, I'm only looking for Krista at the moment, I'm curious to see how you are with that role. PM me your email? Thanks!


2017-04-24 15:44:13

Dang cant believe i missed out on this one! Sounds like its going to be a great series. Cant wait, and good luck.

RealFaction responds:

thanks! There's always Season 2, whenever this series is over and that starts production.