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2017-05-05 16:30:35 by RealFaction

The past few days I've been kind of silent due to not sleeping well and feeling sick, I'm getting better, but I've just needed rest.  I haven't been able to get to the overwhelming amount of new A.I.M. submissions yet, but hopefully soon in the next couple of days or so.  I usually get a lot done on a good day. 

Thanks to all who are participating, life's been hard for me as of late.  My health is still an issue every now and then and sometimes I have to call off a day at work...so I'm a bit worried I'll lose my job because of it.  I'm lucky I haven't already.  Honestly, I want a work from home job but I don't see any hope of that, but if anyone has suggestions, let me know.  Thanks. 

Good luck everyone, thanks for submitting to the contest! 


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2017-05-05 17:32:05

You better be careful so you don't burn yourself out. Happened to a collegue of mine. She took her life at the end of last December.
We knew she was... sad, but that was about it. No one ever saw it coming.
Anyway, she put her work before her own physical and mental health, never declining, always delivering the best results. So... try not to end up like her. Pretty please.

Did you ask to have your histamine levels checked?

A feasable home job would be YouTubing. There are people who have it as a full-time, decently-paid career ("Oxhorn" is one of my favs) Having/using ads/sponsors somewhere in the vid helps. "Shoddycast" do that. What about Lets-play's? Personally I hate that sh!t, if you do so, too, maybe you could still bite the sour apple and give it a shot? Your current YT account is respectable, but viewer appeal could be increased by branching out with different content from different branches.

Catch you later, man!
Stay strong, and stay you!
E. A. J.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks. Yeah I feel ya. That's why I've had to make another big decision I'm going to announce soon, an unfortunate one, but it'll all work out. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that :( that's horrible....

I won't, definitely. It's a shame she couldn't be saved. :( Histamine? I haven't, maybe I should. I do youtube have for years but no one ever gives me enough views really so I kinda gave up on that, and youtube doesn't pay like they used to, they screwed over their users. I'm not as active on youtube anymore because of all that.

I wish I could have a successful youtube career. Besides music, I don't know what i would do though. Although, I'm considering doing more comedy music in the soon future when my health improves. I've been kind of in a slump with my channel and life in general. My health has gotten in the way too much. I'll check my histamine levels though. Thanks!


2017-05-05 17:40:06

That's the sort of work everyone wants, so being part of something else means the owner and his/her top employees will get that sort of position. I'm not sure what sort of work you do, but if you ain't workin' for yourself, then it's highly unlikely you'll be able to do so from home.

If you're trying to get paid through Youtube, then that's a matter of luck, following trends, and throwing your work out there in the loudest possible manner until it catches on. Then again, most musicians I see on YT have relatively low sub count compared to other content creators. (There are always exceptions, of course.) I guess you could just offer to make music for every indie game developer you come across. They get their game onto Steam or GOG, everyone loves it, and then all the fans start wanting to do remixes of the kickassingly amazing soundtrack by RealFaction. From there, everyone wants your talent on their game's soundtrack and Jake Kaufman is begging to have you as a partner.

If all of that doesn't work out, make porn from home. Good, wholesome porn.

When are you expecting to have winners announced for AIM? Any clue yet? I'm curious for no suspicious reason.

RealFaction responds:

Yeah. I wish I could work for myself. Youtube's abandoned people, they screwed over the lesser channels. And nobody really cares about giving me views on youtube anyway I don't see a point. It's harder as a musician. I've offered but it's been hard. Though this Summer (hopefully) a game is coming out with my music, it would be the first game soundtrack I've made for an actual finishing game, instead of the past 2 soundtracks I've made just for the games to get cancelled. :/

I hope I get more work for games and they get out there. I would love that. Lol porn xD I don't know man. But even if I considered that as an option I'd probably disguise myself and make sure no one knew it was me, but nah I probably wouldn't do that. XD Haha. I have friends who do though.

I'm aiming to announce the winners a week from the deadline.