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Commissions 25% Off Sale + New Song

2017-06-03 04:46:16 by RealFaction

Put out a new song, so before I talk about how I need commissions right now and the discount summer sale i'm holding, go check it out.  It's a commission I made for a client, so if you're interested in getting a commission from me, it's a good time to!  And, this song will give you an idea of the quality of my work, but I can make many genres!

New Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/748019

Need Commissions (25% Discount Summer Sale!)

So I've never done a sale for my business before, boy do I feel like a dummy, I should do them more often.  My prices for a song commission are down by 25% from June 2nd to June 16th!  Grab it while you can!  :)  If you want a custom song by me, and want more info, go to http://www.flareheartstudio.com/catalog .



(my job cut my hours again and my supervisors have been terrible to everyone, so people like me are leaving but i'm looking for a new job first)

NEW COMEDY SERIES: Billy Joe & Company

So, sometimes i play 7 Days to Die on a server with friends, it's a lot of fun.  Been doing it for some months now, but we end up having laughs every time, so I figured it would be fun to record our funny convos.  Only there's a twist, my voice acting is involved, playing a character I made up named BIlly Joe, improvising in-character (with some scripted scenes but mostly not) but they are themselves.  Enjoy, I'll be making more episodes.

PS: I shaved my head, I'm bald and loving it. 


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2017-06-05 21:01:23

If I think of something, I'll hit you up, regardless of the sale. I've just never thought of having a song made specifically for my sorry-ass self before, and my preferences for music are simply "fast and cheerful" with only a handful of exceptions. It'd be a challenge to describe what I want from you when my tastes are that obnoxiously vague, especially when I've listened to plenty of songs that have easily met that criteria and I still didn't enjoy them.

RealFaction responds:

thanks. :) Take your time to think.


2017-06-07 19:58:18

I have an idea!
...you probably won't like it.
...maybe you will.
...I will probably like it.
...maybe I won't.

RealFaction responds:



2017-06-07 20:05:39

Got that payment, right? Got it as a friend, yes? Got it and will use it to buy groceries and medicine and such to get you through the rough times of your job, correct?

RealFaction responds:

Well, thank you, but see if you read the website....well...we really need to talk about the commission before you send payment so I can tell you the total amount depending on the complexity, it may not be the final price, or maybe it will be. That's why I always say contact me first. Unless...you're okay with this?

Did you use this to commission me or just to help me out? Whatever the case....thank you, yes it does help. I've been getting more commissions lately and I'm just....at a loss of words, it means so much that this many people want to pay that much for my music and I didn't think I was that good to be honest. I know plenty who are much better, but the fact this many people want to help me and love my work just.....I'm so emotional right now.

Thank you. Message me if you wanted a commission and we'll talk more details, unless this was just to help, but , idk i'm a bit confused until you explain. But thank you so much either way...thank you


2017-06-07 20:14:54

That's where the evil laughter comes in.

I have no specifics, ideas, or expectations of any kind. All I will give you is this awful MS Paint image I did for a blog entry over a decade ago: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/a552d8a1f62369536ff2d67b23f3b94b

That was something I made back when I played Animal Crossing on the Gamecube. I spent a stupidly long period of time trying out all sorts of patterns to create something I would enjoy hearing every time I interacted with the villagers.

So!... I encourage you to do something with just that. Anything at all... or nothing at all. I encourage you to do nothing at all... or anything other than that.

RealFaction responds:

I'll be honest with you, I really suck at reading music, but based on notes, my program does show the notes so i should be able to read this. Haha so you're giving me creative freedom with this yeah? It's kinda cute. Let me ask, what is the town tune of walden? Is it something you composed, made up?

So it's a song you made inspired by Animal Crossing GC then? I'm just making sure i'm getting all this right. So you want me to ...make some sort of song out of this any style just those notes and build on them? Interesting....never had a request like this before but surely would be interesting.


2017-06-07 20:27:26

I have no clue if those are real notes. I just know when you make a town in Animal Crossing, you can also make a song of sorts that will play when you interact with villagers and on the town clock, and all that. My town's name was Walden. Still is, if I feel like hooking up my GCN again. Less importantly, if importantly at all, I sat in front of the television and played with the froggy notes (if those are real notes) until I made something I liked. It's based on nothing that I know of. You can view this as paying you for up to five minutes of something that isn't even five seconds, or as a gift. I'm being an asshole. It's something I tell people often. Being generous is not the same as being nice. I am not a nice person. Just a giving one. <3

RealFaction responds:

Oooooooh I see! Well yeah those are real notes, most likely they're the same. I'll see what I can come up with haha. Aww thank you :) well, so it doesn't matter how long it is? I can make it as short or ass long as I see fit based on my inspiration?


2017-06-07 20:49:45

You can do anything you want with it, including ignore the whole thing entirely. I don't care.

I enjoy fast, cheerful music, and generally prefer stuff that layers itself with a variety of instruments, like Polka or Big Band, for example. Regardless, the joke is that I paid you the highest amount and gave you little to nothing to work with, if you chose to work with it at all. (I wouldn't.) You have total freedom.

RealFaction responds:

Haha thank you so much....:) i'll see what i can do with it!