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BIG THINGS On the Way!

2017-07-06 19:39:20 by RealFaction

I have a LOT of content on the way this month and beyond!  Music, an audio drama series with a lot of NG voice actors that I'm writing, stuff with Piercing Lazer too!  Oh, and I'm bald.  I have a video below explaining that further.

Commissions Sale (25% Off)

Currently, I have a sale going on my website so you can commission me for custom copyright-free music for 25% off!  It's my Independance Day Sale going from July 4th to July 8th, so grab a commission soon!  Thank you to all of you who have been spreading the word and commissioned me, I've been getting a lot more lately! :) It's helping me financially.  Go to http://www.flareheartstudio.com/catalog to purchase! :)

Piercing Lazer's 10-Year Anniversary

In 2007, my friend Dustin and I formed Piercing Lazer, an Industrial Electronic Rock project, back then it was very experimental, I'll admit I've strayed from the roots a bit since and gone more the second album's direction.  I may dive back into the experimental stuff eventually.  Well, as cringy as it is, I've remastered the debut album, and am releasing it soon in honor of this occassion.  All 18 tracks, FREE on my bandcamp in the near future, a free album.

(PS: Soon I'll be recording vocals for "The Other Side (Deluxe Edition" with new songs!)

Overall, I have a lot more time and I quit my job, I'm a lot happier.  I want my life to be my music business, so spreading my website around has helped, thank you all, I need more though!  Keep 'em comin'!  You'll be seeing a lot more music from me now that I have a life again.  :)




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2017-07-06 20:13:59

I hope you keep yourself afloat. Granted, I believe you mentioned being too sick to do your job most of the time anyhow, but now it's definitely sink or swim with your music.

I wish you the best of luck, RF.

RealFaction responds:



2017-07-06 23:36:48

Good for you Realfaction, glad you're doing you and staying active. Keep at it. New look works.

RealFaction responds:



2017-07-06 23:47:04

Hype shit dude. I'm happy for you! Keep up the good fight. I'll keep you in mind for some a music commission for when I need something out of the expertise my usual musical collaborators do.

As far as bald, I'm not there but i have a receding hairline and i have light hair so you can fucking see through it lol. *shrugs* OH WELL.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! Ok cool :) lol im sorry to hear that.


2017-07-07 00:57:56

Walter White?

RealFaction responds:

XD was my first thought


2017-07-07 22:03:50

Well ain't that just a miracle.

RealFaction responds:

xD lol


2017-07-08 05:10:33

Hey! Best of luck with all your music, tutorials, and other creative endeavors. Offer's also open if you feel like doing vocals. Baldness suits you! It was meant to be!

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! I've just had a lot on my plate lately with commissions and all that other work I mentioned lol. Thanks! I'm thinking once I knock some stuff off my plate maybe I'll do vocals for ya, though I would like more commissions since it's my only source of income now...heh.


2017-07-08 07:07:42

Hey-hey, in the event we do collab, you have my expressed permission to re-package, sell, or reproduce the piece in whole or part, so long as I also retain the same rights. It's just gonna get real awkward if we both try to post it on NG without co-authoring, hahahah.

Also, if you ever need drum programming, I'm your man girl thing. I really enjoy that stuff.

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Of course. Thanks! :) Hmm drums...yes that would be interesting for the future. I used to be a drummer for 8 years, meh i wasn't great but I was ok. Thanks, i'll consider that for my next rock or metal song. Someday, i'd like to make a song, collaborating between an acoustic guitar player, you could possibly do drums, someone on a tamborine perhaps and some of @TroisNyx 's awesome percussion instrument playing.

Also, @AshleyAlyse rocks with her Tin Whistle. We could make some rockin' folk song, all of us. I'd even love to bring @Ceevro in the mix, though currently he is going through some medical issues :c poor guy...he can't play guitar currently. But there are other good guitar players on here too.

Honestly....i've been writing this song for my best friends Cayli and Jayson (my childhood friend who basically is responsible for me becoming a musician, introduced me to amazing music and inspired me to start making some). They're married and moving to California for a year, so I wanted to write them a "Wish you well" song. Though there wouldn't be much time, since they leave next month, but not impossible.

I would probably just do the lyrics and sing.


2017-07-08 07:19:49

Someone call me for percussion? Bodhrán, medieval long drum and tambourine (among others) at my disposal!

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

:D YES! We're doing this. Still wondering who could play guitar. @Cody104 is pretty nifty with acoustic AND electric, though acoustic preferred for this piece. I loved his piece for last year's AIM contest, "The Way Home". Whatcha say Mr. Cody?


2017-07-08 07:38:55

I can also program guitar thanks to Kontakt, which I kiss the floor daily to have been able to score, and I do have access to clean samples, although not necessarily acoustic. Shreddage II is what I'm working with. I have an electric and acoustic at the house as well, but I'd need tabs and a midi, just in case we need a sub in at any time. Drum programming though, for sure, done deal.

RealFaction responds:

Nice. I just want to get a realistic sound though for sure. Ahh ok, cool! :) Neato. Sometime soon we should all get together and plan something. To be honest, i've been wanting to write a song like "Born on the Bayou".


2017-07-08 07:41:33

Also, @Troisnyx, between us all, you realize we have the potential to do some kickass medieval inspired folk metal/power metal, yes? I smell some kind of musical journey on the horizon, no matter which way we go!

Also, I still have those lyrics for that "Thirst" remix somewhere in one of my notebooks. It got lost when I moved back home. I dunno if I ever got back to you on that, but since one of my latest songwriting forays got deep into religion, it reminded me.

RealFaction responds:

Heh neato


2017-07-08 07:44:25

Note, on bar chords, shreddage has a really realistic sound, esp. distorted, but that's irrelevant since we're looking at clean. I'm sure with EQ and FX we could get close to an acoustic ring. Single notes are where it gets tricky, but humanization and dynamics, not to mention the right setting, works wonders. There's a reason the file size is huge, lol, and that's a ton of samples. I also have an acoustic synth that sounds pretty damn realistic.

RealFaction responds:

That's pretty cool. Sounds like you know what you're doing there. :) you could do guitar too then perhaps. We should make a Discord server to talk about this stuff further, after I get some sleep today XD laters!


2017-07-08 07:51:30

Yes! Please let me know if and when that happens. Alternatively I'd be good with FB messenger since I have it in my browser sidebar. Will try to get the same for discord.

Anyway, I'm gonna video edit for a bit and then lament how out of whack my sleep cycle quickly got over the course of a single day. Sleep well!


2017-07-08 08:14:59

@EDM364 Power folk metal / symphonic metal with medieval influence is up my street. <3 A nice balance between hard and soft, I gotta say. Plus I'd been doing a fair bit of research into whatever medieval music has been salvaged to this day, and I'm really liking this a lot.

As for Ho Everyone Who Thirsts, do you want to use that fragment and would you be okay with it -- or would you like me to finish it at some point? If it's the latter, it won't be immediate, seeing as I have two pieces of music to finish up and one music video on the horizon, and I'd like to clear out my to-do list before engaging in this.


2017-07-08 09:10:14

Let me just write that down on my list.

As for "Ho Everyone Who Thirsts" I wouldn't object at all to a more polished acapella, but I'll be redoing the instrumental and a lot elsewise when I do get my hands on my notes. I can only recall about half of it from memory, so this one is currently on the back burner until I either say screw it, let's do it, or find that notebook!


2017-07-10 18:34:38

@RealFaction , that sounds like fun I'm in.

RealFaction responds:

nice! @EDM364, @TroisNyx, let me know when you all are free to do the song. In the near future, i'll start working on lyrics.


2017-07-11 05:00:33

@EDM364 @cody104 @RealFaction

Thursday the 20th is filming day for Mio/Homura EXTEND, and I've also got one of @Wondermeow's animations to score, and a cover that I've been working on. I'll keep the three of you updated as I get each one out of the way. It's best that I do that before starting work on anything else.

Plus the NGAP15 musical section isn't going to begin for a while yet; the scriptwriters have to do their stuff first. I'm going to take this grace period to wipe away whatever's in progress at the moment.


2017-07-11 07:08:43

keep it up, nice to hear from you!

RealFaction responds:



2017-07-11 17:37:33

@Troisnyx -- thanks for the update! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. Also haven't heard anything else from the script department but will be watching the thread as closely as I can. If there are any major updates, please @ me.

Also, I forgot to @ you in my previous comment!


2017-07-13 16:58:54

sorry that i pissed you off big time on the forum. was half-trolling and not intended to piss off so many people.

RealFaction responds:

Lol you didn't piss me off. Just disagreed and expressed my opinions strongly. Sorry if I came off that way.


2017-07-17 06:47:52

yo, more uupdates plz

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

Soon. I haven't posted because it's not time to yet...lol. I mean, I have these topics to expand on, but at the right time. This week I'm posting the trailer for PL's 10th anniversary album, and posting a track later in the week, then I have the Venturescape trailer coming next week. Plus some tutorials on the way. In the meantime I've been posting music, whenever I finish commissions lol