Entry #211

5 Days (Venturescape Trailer)

2017-07-24 10:21:53 by RealFaction

You've been waiting for my story series I've been hard at work at for years, and this adaptation of it since December, welll...... @Saminat did a good job voicing Billy here.  You all are getting a trailer in 5 days.  Thanks to @lampabot for the beautiful artwork! <3




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2017-07-24 10:25:42

@TrinaTan @LadyArsenic @SailorSilverStar @MysticSkillz @MakeStuff @Ai-Say @ATheatricalSongbird @TommyNom @Markafoi @Ceevro @lampabot @holikrep @metropiano @azhthar @phonometrologist @johnfn Thank you guys for being involved with this project, I'll be posting one of these every day until the trailer drops Saturday! :)


2017-07-24 10:41:03

Long time in the making, you should be proud. Looking forward to it.

RealFaction responds:

aww thanks :)


2017-07-24 12:48:21

What Mystic said ^_^ Thank you for letting me be a part of it <3

RealFaction responds:

aww thank you and you're welcome :) i'm glad you are!