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New Sci-Fi/Drama Series Trailer! / Commissions

2017-07-29 09:05:02 by RealFaction

For  7 years, I was writing a book, which then became this adaptation I've been working on since December, and I'm finally ready to unveil the final trailer!  I'm so excited for this you have no idea!  I love writing, and I'm lucky to have the artists an voice actors i got to help me out with this.  I posted it here to NG and YouTube (which has all the artwork by @Lampabot and @holikrep)

(PS: If Season 1 does well, you better believe I will be casting more actors for Season 2)

NG:  http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/757810

YouTube artwork version: https://youtu.be/bWnmblUAXBk

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If you were bold enough to read this far....cool beans.  If you want a commission, ya know, a custom song from me, I'm having a sale from August 1st- August 12th, 25% off!  I really could use the help since well...I'm kinda broke right now.  http://www.flareheartstudio.com/catalog  Thank you to all who have supported me and commissioned me this far! 

You'll be seeing more new music from me soon.  PS: Pick up the 10th anniversary remastered Piercing Lazer debut album, for FREE, at BandCamp: https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com/album/piercing-lazer-10th-anniversary-remastered-version

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2017-07-29 11:06:42

Sounds sooo good dude!!! Stoked for the series!

RealFaction responds:



2017-07-29 12:19:19

Looking forward to the finish. Thanks for letting me be part of it.

RealFaction responds:



2017-07-30 02:28:16

Cashier at the grocery store stole/didn't bag my cookies, had to drive back and ask the manager for them. She totally played me... first thing she picked up, held it in both hands and looked down on it, no label to stare at, for a good 3-4 seconds, "Are these the ones on sale?" looking up briefly "2.99?"

I thought back, "1.88" The big cashier, who looked like the Drew Carey show's secretary said she had bought 2 of them for 1.99. I may be autistic leaning, but I found the whole thing quite odd, shame I was distracted with hunger at the time.

You gonna be here for the theater showing in October?

RealFaction responds:

Woah seriously? hahaha thats quite the story xD that is quite odd lololol. Man....i would if i had the money :( i'm kinda broke, or i totally would. can't ask mom for money for that due to not doing as well lately. I really wanted to go too...:(


2017-07-30 02:59:59

If this thing should go as planned, I'd like to pay for a promo background for the theater entrance, you know, like they do at movie premieres. Nothing too unique to the event, just the tank logo and some other NG member logos, Tommy's choice out of those whose work is being shown.. wonder if he knows anyone around town could make such a thing?

RealFaction responds:

Beats me. But i hope someone films some of it. Originally i thought i could go ...but oh well. In the meantime i've been trying to get by on commissions and doing this project this post is about.


2017-07-31 08:59:30

Sounds like something INTERESTING

RealFaction responds:



2017-07-31 10:25:54

Congratulations! Glad to be part of this project.

RealFaction responds:

thanks! Glad to have you on! :)