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Need Music For Series

2017-08-17 21:17:57 by RealFaction

Episode 1 of Venturescape comes out next Friday!  AHH!  I'm excited.  With 2 episodes a month, there's still time to compose music for future episodes, as I need music here and there.  Most of the time I ask for songs that are already made that would fit, but I've had a couple lovely folks composing music for me for a couple episodes as well. 

If you want to provide a track you've made, or want to compose a custom piece for the series, here's a guide below as to what kind of music I'm looking for, for each episode.  I'd need the music a week in advance.  You might get a better idea once Episode 1 comes out next week.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWnmblUAXBk&feature=youtu.be


Episode 3 (keep in mind, this comes out in 5 weeks):

About a girl named Krystal who's a young librarian, scared of love and yet indulges in Romance novels. Wants to find that true love, but keeps getting betrayed. She loves to play the piano, so a lot of piano music would be needed for this episode, and some cinematic music like ambient mysterious vibes, emotional stuff. Two chase scenes where she's in danger running away (tiny bit of a spoiler but not much).

Episode 4:

Same girl, but this time, soft orchestral music with strings and piano and all, something emotional and sad, yet hopeful. Then, there's expedition music needed, maybe creepy ambient music, something unsettling. The world is in turmoil.

Episode 5:

A girl named Noel who is in highschool and loves to write stories. She's very shy, and soft-spoken. One piece needed is for a heart-wrenching scene, something bad happens to break her heart. Something very sad and emotional, preferably with piano and other elements. I'm open to suggestions, maybe jazz for the more casual scenes where she's talking to a friend.

There would be a lot of upbeat music when she's talking to people, so I'm open for suggestions on that. There are fantasy elements in this episode, so something whimsical, something Impressionist Classical would fit nicely, something you would hear in a 90's children's film where it sparks the imagination and fills your heart with wonder like the character. Something mystical and magical.

Episode 6:

About a girl named Rose, little girl. She talks about her big brother Jacob who works for a drug research lab (making medicine). She's also very shy, and it's hard for her to make friends, she's been abandoned a lot. She misses her parents. This episode would be more focused on her sadness, she's very unhappy, so that would be the tone of the music.

It would be sad throughout, except for a couple scenes which would have emotional music, not too sad, but a little sad transforming into something hopeful and positive. One scene has that creepy ambient vibe where she's completely alone unexpectedly.

Episode 7:

This one is about her big brother, Jacob. He's a scientist, very analytical about everything, he over-analyzes everything, takes things too seriously. He needs a chill pill. He's very intelligent and a gentleman, he cares very much for his little sister, Rose, and wants to protect her. Although he is uptight, not always. I'm even open for experimental technology sounding music in this.

One scene will be tense and dangerous where he has to sneak around or he could die (semi-spoilery? no he doesn't die) so, tense cinematic music. Much expedition in this episode, probably a lot of cinematic music, more calm ambient cinematic stuff.

I think of @ForgottenDawn for this sort of stuff, his music would be what I have in mind.


Episode 8:

Back to one of the main characters (not telling which one, it's a surprise). At first there would be guitar music playing, something light and casual, like a journey. Someone strolling into town. Then, bar music, something along the lines of Blues or Southern Rock comes to mind. Then, cinematic music or rock music, something that's basically battle music like in anime.

Lots of expedition here too, so there will be a couple tense scenes so tense soft cinematic music? Maybe a couple horror tracks in that sense? Then, something soft like at the end of Jurassic Park, something that cues "this is the end of Season 1 of the series", but softer, something uplifting and positive.


I have an Episode 9 planned but that would mostly be Jazz, and so on. Episode 9 would be an extra episode that's more like a filler episode. If you want to compose for any of these scenes in any of these episodes, or have tracks that would fit the mood, let me know! I'm already doing most of the work for the series so besides making the theme song, I don't have the time to make more music for it.

Let me know!  :)


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2017-08-17 21:40:52

Sweet! You can always use any of my music if you think it'll be fitting enough for the video. In the meantime I'll keep producing whenever I get around to it. Until then, good luck! Peace out

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! :) Love your music. I'll keep ya posted!


2017-08-17 23:06:52

Hey! I'd love to help out. I'll send one or two small tracks your way and if they fit we can go from there.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! :D Sounds great!


2017-08-18 00:55:04

You can use my new tracks! If you want, you can request a special track! :D

RealFaction responds:



2017-08-18 02:39:04

I'll go through my files and see what I can pass, meep. : )

RealFaction responds:



2017-08-18 08:18:05

Feel free to use any of my tracks (y)

RealFaction responds:



2017-08-18 08:59:44

well if extremely abstract and low-effort noise is your thing...

RealFaction responds:

I don't know, doesn't really sound like my thing but feel free to provide examples.


2017-08-18 12:23:46

Wow looks like a lot of episodes to come in this series. You should have no problem finding music artist. Here is a few more artist I recommend checking out.
@Deshiel @Athanatos @AliceMako @Agitat0r

(Updated ) RealFaction responds:

I know most of those, thanks. 9 is actually very few episodes in a series. But, I do have 16 episodes planned for Season 2 if Season 1 gets a big enough following.


2017-08-19 08:06:59

While I've not composed anything in a very long time, I was a Music major in college and am familiar with a lot of different styles of music, from Medieval polyphony to independent Hip-Hop. I have a special affinity for early to mid 20th Century symphonic music, the like of which inspired many scores in classic movies and TV shows. (Historical factoid: The 12-tone composer, Arnold Schoenberg, one of the forefathers of "don't go in the basement" music, taught at USC and UCLA, when he lived in Hollywood.) So I'm happy to throw some ideas and musical points of reference your way.

This'll be the first of what may be a series of posts, as I think about each episode. For Ep.4, you mentioned wanting something sad but ultimately hopeful for strings and piano, and the first thing that popped into my head was the 2nd movement of Ernest Bloch's Concerto Grosso #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaFzLXsbETo

RealFaction responds:

I had no idea! That's so awesome! :D Thanks for sharing that bit of knowledge! Thanks man! That music definitely reminds me of 70's horror movie music during the not so scary scenes. Well see, I want to get the music from Newgrounds talent specifically to make an opportunity to get these underground artists out there. :) I love the music on here too.


2017-08-19 17:07:38

Music ideas for Ep.5:

A classic melancholy piece for solo piano with some harmonies and embellishments reminiscent of jazz is Chopin's Mazurka in a-minor, Op. 17: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idbaPu1gDPg

In terms of whimsical, impressionist Classical work, check out Debussy's Preludes, also his Etudes for solo piano. Also "Miroirs," a piano suite in five movements by Maurice Ravel.

For upbeat, talky music "Gamin'" for violin & piano by William Grant Still: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXdHBZSY1c0

For some mystical, magical sounding symphonic music, there's "Fadograph of a Yestern Scene" by Samuel Barber: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbQoSLx4XbU (He's mostly known for his Adagio for Strings, but he wrote a lot more cool music than just that.) Also check out the first movement of Debussy's Nocturnes, titled Nuages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkmwzG7cB_U . And there's this number by Charles Griffes, "The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBFpEpJc7PU

RealFaction responds:

Ahhh....now that is something! These are lovely :) Thanks! Are these public domain? Surely they are, could I use these without permission as long as I give credit? I've never really used this stuff in anything before. But from what I recall, it's public domain so I think it's for free use? Been a while since I heard about that stuff.

I really like the first one, If I can't find anything on NG, i'd definitely use that. Same goes for the second one. That Fadograph song is definitely the type of music I'm going for. I was thinking though of asking @Samulis or @PeterSatera or other NG artists for songs like that already made here that are kinda like that which would fit. I'm aiming more for underground NG music, I have some tracks possibly in mind if they fit after I start editing certain episodes.

I really like your ideas :) you're a master at music direction. If you want, I can show you episodes 1 and 2 so far privately to show you the music I've got so far? This definitely gives me some inspiration though. Thanks!


2017-08-20 00:30:06

You're welcome to use any of my music whenever you need to.

These would be good for a battle clip...
Royal rumble- http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/747262
Army of the dead- http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/624098
My Madness- http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/645300

Acoustic songs ...
The way home- http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/687848
Chill portal- http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/685379

Horror ...
Laughing chains- http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/630057

RealFaction responds:

thanks! I'll check those out.


2017-08-20 01:04:08

For Ep.6, what popped into my head was the fourth movement of Leonard Bernstein's Serenade for Violin, String Orchestra & Percussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk2kZ2caZxc . There's tenderness, pathos and anguish. (The entire five-movement piece is worth listening to.)

Another violin and orchestra piece that may be apropos but possibly too "out there" is Alban Berg's
Violin Concerto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqSSHwFEn_8 . Berg wrote it "in the memory of an angel"--the daughter of a close friend, who succumbed to complications from getting polio.

RealFaction responds:

did you get my message? Sent you a message on here. Check it out :) Beautiful stuff though. Aww....I see :( thats sad. Well the song is beautiful.


2017-08-20 01:11:32

Side note: Chopin's work is open domain, as is the work of Debussy, Griffes and Ravel. I also believe any music written before 1940 is also fair game, but I suggest double-checking. With solo piano music, you can get a keyboardist of sufficient ability to play them. Many of the scores are downloadable PDFs, so theoretically you could key the notes of a score into a sufficiently sophisticated music writing and playback app, like Sibelius (or an open-source equivalent.)

RealFaction responds:

Ah I was asking that in my message to you actually. Neat. I see...hmm. Interesting.


2017-08-20 01:49:03

Ep. 7: An entirely different direction occurred to me, specifically in the style of King Crimson guitarist, Robert Fripp. Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz1GVwLwH2M

In terms of comparable talent I came across in another Newgrounds project, the composer, John Kiernan, shows off some Fripper-tronic capability around :54 in this short: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/689174

RealFaction responds:

Ah I was asking that in my message to you actually. Neat. I see...hmm. Interesting.


2017-08-25 20:58:26

yeah you can use my tracks :) thank you

no need for permissions thanks!

RealFaction responds:

thanks! Just uploaded episode 1, check it out :)