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Venturescape Episode 1 is LIVE!

2017-08-25 20:05:12 by RealFaction

Episode 1 of my new series Venturescape is here!  Go check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfx8e0WadnI

NG: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/762194

Thanks to the people at @LazorFocus for helping me, they're a new indie publishing/creative group who will be looking for more voice actors here on newgrounds in the future, go give them a follow? :) and check out their site for exclusive content in the future, such as Writer's Room, a series where the writers of certain shows talk about the inspiration for the shows and more!  I'll be doing that for Venturescape every other week! 

Check it: http://www.lazorfocusteam.com

Big thanks to everyone helping with the series! I've been passionate about this project for years!  It's a dream to bring my story and characters to life! :) @TrinaTan @LadyArsenic @SailorSilverStar @MysticSkillz @MakeStuff @Ai-Say @ATheatricalSongbird @TommyNom @Markafoi @Ceevro @lampabot @holikrep @metropiano @azhthar @phonometrologist @johnfn @Saminat @TomFulp @Troisnyx @ADR3-N




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2017-08-25 21:20:52

listening the episode atm :)

you got great project together!

RealFaction responds: