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Brizzy Voices in Venturescape Ep. 3 + Music News

2017-09-23 16:44:47 by RealFaction

Surprise!  THE Anna "Brizzy Voices" Brisbin is in Venturescape Episode 3, now on Newgrounds and YouTube!  She plays the role of Mary!

Also have the lovely @SailorSilverStar as the main character of this episode, Krystal Valentine, as well as Jenny Glynn as Young Krystal and Abigail, she's underground and I'm trying to get her out there (and to make an NG account).  There's also the lovely @ATheatricalSongbird (who's been in a lot of episodes and more to come!) as Krystal's mom and an early 1900's lady who's sour about modern clothes!

Also features the awesome P.M. Seymour as Jeremiah!  Yes, this is a new character arc, like Billy's.  However, episode 4 will start to unravel the point of all this and what's going on in the real world, what the Iris outbreak is, and how it's affecting the world.  Enjoy!

Thanks to @Lampabot and @holikrep as always for the lovely artwork <3 and Mycah Garcia as well!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKjbmLghnlc
Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/766834

Music News

Currently I'm working on SIX songs.  Yeah....whew, work! 

- Firstly is a secret cover that's a big collab project that won't come out until around Christmas

- Then I have a secret client project that probably won't see the light of day anytime soon (but who knows)

- Another song for a client that is one of 3 songs I made for them that will be coming out soon around the same time

- A remix of "The Death" by @ADR3-N for Venturescape

- A remix of a song by @Troisnyx

- Finally, I'm releasing a song as soon as the client/animator finishes an animation loop for the video version.  I'm going to make a longer version to release as my first single for Kid Project, my hiphop side project.

And that's what I'm CURRENTLY working on, that doesn't include the incredible amount of songs I'm working on for Piercing Lazer, but as soon as I'm done with these, I will start on that again.  What will you see next you ask?  No idea.  But, rest assured, one of these you will see next week, hopefully.  Lots of music on the way! :D Look forward to Writer's Room for episode 3 in the next week!  Thanks for your support!

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2017-09-23 17:12:35

Keeping yourself busy, I see. Godspeed, mate :)

RealFaction responds:

yes. stressfully haha. thanks


2017-09-23 17:31:57

Awesome sauce! Keep up the good work man :D

RealFaction responds:



2017-09-28 15:24:57

Hmm... why don't you like me? It appears to me that you have something against me... what did I ever do to you?

RealFaction responds:

I don't even know you, so how can I have something against you?