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I have a gluten allergy and I thought this would be more offensive but it's actually pretty funny. I used to work as a clerk at a grocery store and yes, some older people will like be insanely touchy about certain things. Like, I get asking about certain things, but I've not met one person who touched gluten and had a reaction, just as long as it's not in the mouth. Some people get really antsy lol.

I think the real seller here is like, you feel bad for this guy like he's a sad sight capturing that lonely old dying man vibe, but at the same time it's like you can't help but laugh at his ignorance when you suddenly notice the tiny detail written on the vasoline, "gluten free". Some people just need caretakers but don't realize how much of their mind is lost. It sucks but yeah some people worry too much. Anxiety's a terrible thing.

Anywho nice toon lol.

The best episode by far. This is a new direction I didn't expect to see coming. The CGI visuals were amazing, the puddle outside with the bubbles looked realistic. So now we're seeing a mirror world, and that he was escaping his abusive zombie family, but father nowhere to be seen, yet is still somewhere, "alive" (undead).

So, it's safe to assume the world he lives in isn't his original, but he's living in the mirror world parallel to his own? I wonder what other supernatural possibilities there are now. This is some character development, and world-building. I hope someday we get to find out the full story about the zombie apocalypse, how he got the way he was, and how the world ended. Though I guess technically he's a ghoul since he has intellectual thought, or a smart zombie.

Anywho, I've been following this series since the very beginning, great work! This is amazing. Don't know how long you'll keep the series going, or how long until we get another episode, but keep them coming! :D You're doing great.

Why are a lot of these amazing people not on newgrounds??? :O (or are they and just haven't accepted the project invite? I know a decent amount of you are) good job guys! Amazing job! Anyone not on newgrounds needs to be on newgrounds, like asap. This was beautiful <3 brought back memories, amazing job.

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Wait, you mean to tell me, you took your Pixel Day entry, and turned it into a full game???? That's awesome dude! That makes me really happy, knowing that Pixel Day made that kind of impact on you. I always thought it had a lot of potential to be a full game, and it's great with a controller! I'm broke at the moment, but I would definitely buy this on Steam when I get the time/money to play. Good job man :)

Wolod responds:

Thanks man! I really appreciate your support. And thank you for creating Pixel Day!

Not bad for a simple time-waster! I like the art, and the programming is well-done. Would be cool if you could deflect the purple blobs into other enemies and stuff like that for a boss fight, has potential for a sequel to expand on these ideas. Good job guys! I love the surprises, this is really challenging and surprisingly lots of fun.

Very solid game, it's like a mix of Sonic and Mario obstacles but also more. You really have to think strategically to figure out how to move past stuff, very creative. My only complaint is that every level has a different song, it really disrupts the flow. I would have 4 songs at most. The main menu song (which I like), one song for the first half of the game that reflects the temple theme (not so keen on the electronic dance songs because they don't really fit the game's tone), one song for the second half that reflects the tension rising, and the ending song (which I did like).

Although, I feel the way you credited the music looked a bit...odd. I would make the text just a little smaller, and put the text in the lower left corner in white with black outline, rather than on the black screen, have that white text with outline for like 10 seconds, then fade. Other than that, good job, I like the game.

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Robots...HAHAHAHA. Seriously, good interview though.

I love your music, I love the earlier halo games, loved the music, and you absolutely nailed this. Thank you for doing this. I love you.

Awesome! Troisnyx is my good friend, always loved her work. I actually didn't know about her original username though, interesting! I listened to the first episode before this, you actually do this really well with the mixing, but I feel the quality gets slightly lost from compression, and maybe a tiny lowering of the mids in the mix would help, but other than that, good job.

Btw, loved your submission for Pixel Day (the baseball game). I got on the podcast bug early on when NG first made the category (my Talking Real series) a few years back. I thought about doing something like this, but didn't have time, and didn't know how to properly make an NG podcast, but I think you've done it better than I ever could! Great job.

I wouldn't mind being on the show sometime if you wanted, but don't have to xD though I'd like to help get this podcast series out there, it really adds to NG. I look forward to more episodes.

PS: Regarding the first episode, people still use the forums quite a bit. Not as much as they used to, but still frequently.

Replying to the first reviewer, I disagree. In some formats, like my own podcast, personally, most of the time I think background music works better for that and that's what I usually do, but for interviews like this, I prefer no music and it works.

GroundsPatrol responds:

Hey RealFaction! Thank you much! It's really good to hear another podcaster likes this, haha. Thank you for the mixing note - definitely something I try to improve every episode and your suggestion will help. You should hop into the Discord!

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Honestly, fan of your work, but put this in a news post, not spam the art portal with an ad. I also noticed you took a LOT of your artwork down from NG.....NG isn't just for ad space. I love your work but trust me I've been here for 16 years, you might want to remove all these ad posters and just keep them to your posts. Keep up the good work, shame you took a lot of your good art down though.

I like the way you draw faces, and bodies, and everything else. This is a good Cammy.

Sevi responds:

Thanks dude! I feel like it comes out different every time though.

I love your work. You make a lot of cute yet very well detailed and shaded stuff. I wasn't sure which entries were for pixel day, but to answer your question, Newgrounds started accepting art in...i believe 2012 or 2013 when the art portal came around, I can't remember the exact year, but we've always accepted a lot of types of art since.

The pixel stuff is more so the past few or so years I think when it became a section (but not entirely sure on that I forget though I've been around since 2003). NG is also known for the underground music since 2003 too. Glad to have you around! :) Pleeeease keep making more stuff <3 :D

pprmoon responds:

Thank you very much. : )
I am not entirely sure myself - I think I read somewhere in the forum topic, that it was allowed to add as many entries as one likes..? So I just tagged them all. : )
Is only 1 entry / user allowed?

Game Developer, Music Producer, Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Just some guy who loves making music, writing, making games, and helping people, and is pretty much a mega nerd. Profile picture by Shadowcat5150.

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