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Why are a lot of these amazing people not on newgrounds??? :O (or are they and just haven't accepted the project invite? I know a decent amount of you are) good job guys! Amazing job! Anyone not on newgrounds needs to be on newgrounds, like asap. This was beautiful <3 brought back memories, amazing job.

You have my scrolling through your work don't you lol. This is the best I've seen of your work so far. I could say this has the most solid writing and best visuals I've seen so far in your work. This is pretty great. It's pretty great how you twisted Stuart and George. Pretty creative.

Well, that was different. Can't say it was "ha ha" funny, but it was more of a "wtf" type of Adult Swim type of take on humor in terms of Eric Andre or something rather. I have mixed feelings about it but the visuals are pretty great and I could say I chuckled a bit because of how silly this is and random and made some sense but great animation.

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Very solid game, it's like a mix of Sonic and Mario obstacles but also more. You really have to think strategically to figure out how to move past stuff, very creative. My only complaint is that every level has a different song, it really disrupts the flow. I would have 4 songs at most. The main menu song (which I like), one song for the first half of the game that reflects the temple theme (not so keen on the electronic dance songs because they don't really fit the game's tone), one song for the second half that reflects the tension rising, and the ending song (which I did like).

Although, I feel the way you credited the music looked a bit...odd. I would make the text just a little smaller, and put the text in the lower left corner in white with black outline, rather than on the black screen, have that white text with outline for like 10 seconds, then fade. Other than that, good job, I like the game.

I've looked into the generator by studying some of the ladder trails, I can confirm from what another review said, in some cases, there is literally no way to win, and that's not fair. Please fix that. Otherwise, well-made polished game, never played a game like this, and is addicting.

I'll still favorite it, but please look into this issue, it's not as simple as looking into the tutorial, I've been a decent amount of rounds, it really is an issue, please look into it. Good game.

jeremy7986 responds:

However I tested so many times, It can be sure there are always have the correct answer, just you can find the answer before time's up.

This is my stream record https://youtu.be/YmQXdLa24wA?t=34m1s
You can see it always follow the rules just like the tutorial. I can usually past round 30 and more. Keep it up! I think you can do better than me! :D

I loved the concept and had fun, but the issue is, easy mode is NOT easy, it's way too hard. Attack range is too short, and you should make it so you can press X to shoot instead of having to press the arrow keys with it just to shoot. That throws off the balance.

With these simple two fixes though, you have a really solid game. I played it on my livestream and just posted the video on my youtube channel and newgrounds post. :) I really like the concept and feels like old arcade games, it's a really fun game. I'd love to see a new updated version.

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Absolutely lovely <3

Troisnyx responds:

Eeee thank you meep 💖

hahaha thats great. Love it. Very professional. Grats man.

Saminat responds:

That's great to hear, I've spent a lot of time on these!

Really happy about this, I'm glad you're happy with my voice, it's a beautiful song <3 would it be okay for me to upload this to my youtube channel and direct a link back to here?

Troisnyx responds:

By all means, go for it! :D

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Boss dude <3

Okay, this is super cute <3 I love it. And it stays true to the original design, modernizing it. Interesting.

You get all the "S.T.A.R.S.". Love the details here, very Gameboy Advance.

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