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Please do more of these, the sound and voice makes it so much better <3


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I"m surprised you didn't tag this for Pixel Day 2018 on January 23rd here. Good job! I've been waiting a long time for this, surprised you uploaded it to NG but glad you did! :D

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I've looked into the generator by studying some of the ladder trails, I can confirm from what another review said, in some cases, there is literally no way to win, and that's not fair. Please fix that. Otherwise, well-made polished game, never played a game like this, and is addicting.

I'll still favorite it, but please look into this issue, it's not as simple as looking into the tutorial, I've been a decent amount of rounds, it really is an issue, please look into it. Good game.

jeremy7986 responds:

However I tested so many times, It can be sure there are always have the correct answer, just you can find the answer before time's up.

This is my stream record https://youtu.be/YmQXdLa24wA?t=34m1s
You can see it always follow the rules just like the tutorial. I can usually past round 30 and more. Keep it up! I think you can do better than me! :D

I loved the concept and had fun, but the issue is, easy mode is NOT easy, it's way too hard. Attack range is too short, and you should make it so you can press X to shoot instead of having to press the arrow keys with it just to shoot. That throws off the balance.

With these simple two fixes though, you have a really solid game. I played it on my livestream and just posted the video on my youtube channel and newgrounds post. :) I really like the concept and feels like old arcade games, it's a really fun game. I'd love to see a new updated version.

The thing about this is, I only tried this because I wanted to give another visual novel a shot out of boredom, and I appreciate good stories....this did not disappoint. It actually moved me to tears, playing through the various storylines. The characters are well-written, and this is very realistic. I've known many different types of people, this isn't as farfetched as some might think.

It's not just a mindless game, it's focused on the spirit of true love, not hiding anything. I think that's absolutely beautiful. I was moved to tears, some parts are really sad, and the story is really good. To be honest, I prefer just getting to know the characters and making more choices over the sexy-time stuff. Even though that stuff was pretty nice too.

Only critique I'll say is, I feel some of the nipples could use some work (though that one scene with cop-lady is pretty spot on and she looks great). And I think it's a little odd to paint the cock red like it looks...infected? I feel it should be more skin-colored in that sense, and is a bit small, but other than that, this game/novel is just about perfect. I love stories with multiple choices and well-written characters, it's a character-driven story balanced with good plot.

I rarely write long reviews by the way, or reviews at all, but quite frankly, it's rare for something to move my heart to tears. I'm a passionate avid writer releasing my own story series soon (audio series, though would be cool as a visual novel someday), Whoever wrote this understands people to a high degree, and has a real heart. I would hug them if I could. This is compassionate, understanding human nature to the fullest. Beautiful romance.

Amazing job on an emotional story. I enjoyed this, still am playing it. Look forward for future updates.

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This is a pretty good idea, but vocals need work on the mixing and quality. I feel the singing could use a little improvement. It reminds me of the music in RWBY though which is cool. The guitars feel a bit dry, could use a little reverb. Something about the drums have slightly too much high end on them. It's a bit sharp. The vocals could could just be turned up a hair, they're a bit high in the mids though. I like this concept though. It's interesting the way you did this cover, the reworking of the key.

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ADR3-N responds:

Yeah I plan on going back and fixing the vocals. In retrospect belting the shit out of half the song didn't turn out great and it's my first time working with izotope vocal synth.

Guitars, yeah, the whole track is otherwise pretty dry. And I can't sing worth a crap. Thanks for the review!

Hahaha! Love it! This is an interesting take. Kinda reminds me the time i made "raining dicks" for Clock Day. This is pretty funny, also beautifully composed. Good job you two.

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I can't find the words to describe the beauty in this. <3 Your voice is beautiful and so is the arrangement. Very original. I'd love to somehow make a remix of this sometime.

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Troisnyx responds:

Oh meep. ;_; Thank you.

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I love it so much! It captures me perfectly, amazing job <3 thank you so much for this!

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thats beautiful!!!! This is some of your best work yet! :)

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Troisnyx responds:

Eeee, thank you! ^_^

You just hit 4 of my weak spots <3

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