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A refreshing return to the original couple of movies or so! It's a mixture of like the first 3 in a sense. I wasn't expecting this. Neat little thing.

grumblefunk responds:

Madness Combat 2 is and always will be my favorite of the series.
It's mainly because it's before things got batshit bonkers from the improbability drive.

So I think there really should be more animations based on normal reality.

Good but too short to be in movies section, should stay in art portal as a GIF. Good job though, very jiggly.

ArcanePlaza responds:

Is there a video duration requirement for Movies section?

I like it. Isn't this the thing I made a song for? I wonder how it would've fit this now. Good work though.

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Well done guys, well done. I also love the pixel environment, this has a good spirit to it. See, this is why NG is a healthy, wonderful community of artists. When we can all come together like this, it's beautiful, refreshing. I love the art pieces too. Good job everyone <3

HenryEYES responds:

Merry Christmas!

Wait, you mean to tell me, you took your Pixel Day entry, and turned it into a full game???? That's awesome dude! That makes me really happy, knowing that Pixel Day made that kind of impact on you. I always thought it had a lot of potential to be a full game, and it's great with a controller! I'm broke at the moment, but I would definitely buy this on Steam when I get the time/money to play. Good job man :)

Wolod responds:

Thanks man! I really appreciate your support. And thank you for creating Pixel Day!

Not bad for a simple time-waster! I like the art, and the programming is well-done. Would be cool if you could deflect the purple blobs into other enemies and stuff like that for a boss fight, has potential for a sequel to expand on these ideas. Good job guys! I love the surprises, this is really challenging and surprisingly lots of fun.

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I love this.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thanks, man

Good job guys, but who's the lovely voice introducing the episode? I'm excited for this. Also, will there be an episode next week?

No mention of me during the Pixel Day segment? Im sadddd. Lol jk but great interview guys! Can't wait to see the new project! Thanks for mentioning the pixel day stuff, it's good stuff. It's interesting to know what's in store for ng's future. Id love to see @TomFulp on Hot Ones and try to down some spicy wings while promoting Newgrounds to the masses. We should spam those guys.

On a serious note, if not live action content from everyone, I always wished there was an official newgrounds live action show like for updates and interviews at the newgrounds office.

PS: to get out of the alien jail in the baby Hitler game, you look for a panel behind you by the table on the floor, then talk to the alien say it's your birthday and you get cake. Use the gun from the floor panel to shoot out the light and the aliens, then throw the cake on the cell lock, shoot the lock, then you'll see this is a first person dungeon crawler with some activities and find your way out. It's fun. It has some cool Easter eggs. Not easy but yeah I loved that game.

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I love the reflective lighting and the effects, you captured the glass effect well and I love the symbolism behind it. I love this all in general, i've seen pictures before and this captures where you live quite well. I'm sorry you live in such a small space though. I really hope things get better for you <3

This is my other favorite piece by you.

That is the cutest shark anthro ever. Fursona perhaps? I think this is officially one of my favorite drawings by you, really love the colors and shading. I'm also a sucker for thick outline styles. Love it. You could do box cover art for video games.

Music Producer, Voice Actor, Writer, Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Just some guy who loves to bring smiles, and is pretty much a mega nerd. Profile picture by Shadowcat5150.

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