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10 Matches ~ 10 Years 10 Matches ~ 10 Years

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Oh this is lovely! Thank you for supporting <3 and I respect the tag. Throughout the competition no one's really been tagging me or giving shoutouts...i appreciate it. I don't think I'll ever be able to host it like I wanted but I'm hoping more people can keep taking it over. If it at least keeps going for 10 years, that'll be amazing, and maybe further. On the upside, I've been wanting to participate it in again next year.

Sorting Myself Out V2 Sorting Myself Out V2

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I love this! Amazing job. Where would I be able to buy this shirt from? I want one :D

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MintyFreshThoughts responds:

Thanks man! I'll upload the design to the Minty Fresh Shop in a couple of days. It'll be available @ :D

Nightmare Cops Nightmare Cops

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Looks sick! Though out of curiousity why the early promotion? Tom made it sound like it would be years until this comes out. I wish it was sooner. When I played the demo last year it was really fun. Hope to get my hands on it again! :) Great job!

Colossal is Crazy Colossal is Crazy

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Oh man.....Brave Little Toaster scarred me as a kid with this scene. You recaptured the creepiness, and enhanced it...-shivers- How you drew flames like that good I'll never know, but this is really amazing. Looks like his comic book form. Nice job.

The day is saved once again The day is saved once again

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I wish. Aside from the fact you're awesome for giving it to Trump like this, you also did a good job drawing Bubbles like the original style, and not the new crappy style of the new show that should have been done right.

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theonemanshowoff responds:

I loved how spot on I was too. This was meant to be for Tara Strong on Twitter so it would make sense to have a character she played and it would also make sense for OG Bubbles to hate Trump while the new Bubbles would just be indifferent

[C] Monue [C] Monue

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You draw the cutest things <3

Portrait Homework Portrait Homework

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always love your work <3 i miss talking to you. This is incredible. I love how it looks like crumpled paper sort of? But at the same time it detailed just....amazing <3

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AkiCarlito responds:

aaa thankkk youuu <3 aah same thoughh~ imnot on skype anymore though D:
im more active on discord~ if u got discord just send me ur username and we can chat anytime :D

Meet The Artist Meet The Artist

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I love this, this is creative! Would be cool if you did commissions for people like these giving people their own profiles like that :) I like this trend, tells us more about you.

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ScepterDPinoy responds:

I'm thinking of making a trend of Newgrounds version of Pixel ID's.

Here's how it originated:

Did you make your own #meettheartist art yet?

Piccolo Piccolo

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badass! Looks beautiful <3

Rennis5 responds:

Thank you :D

Shake It!! Shake It!!

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a thick booty with sexy hair...hmm...-adds you to favorites and hopes for more thick thighs that don't lie- >////> :X

Seriously though, amazing work, great shading, and fluid movement.

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