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AIM - 400 Years AIM - 400 Years

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn....this is haunting, very different. AliceMako would love this. She's a synthwave music legend around these parts. I love the sounds, I love how you brought the picture to life. This would be great for a game. Very atmospheric, beautiful <3 I don't know what else to add, it fits the picture nicely and it's well mixed, everything is perfect. It speaks to me. Great work!

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primallightmusic responds:

Thank you RealFaction! That means a lot. I will definitely check out AliceMako, I'm sure I could learn a thing or two from her. :) I'm really glad you liked it!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Is that "My husband" bit from a movie or something copyrighted? You can edited it out if it is, otherwise leave it as is, but great work here! Very eerie and this isn't really dubstep, but rather trip hop. I love trip hop. I love the vvibe this gives off, fits the picture. It's dark, and glitchy, and changes up along the way. This is beautiful. It reminds me a little of the music from that "Under the Skin" movie with ScarJo, very strange and dark movie, this sets that kind of tone. Impressive!

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arbelamram responds:

i really appreciate the feedback <3
the sample has taken from the very old vinyl that me and my friend made soundbank of hes vinyls
maybe we will release it someday :)

AIM - Drowing AIM - Drowing

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very fitting of the imagine, amazing atmosphere and mixing, very different! I wish this was longer, but for what it is, it's great! I don't know what else to say, it's really great! Beautiful melody, and love the glitchy stuff near the end. It's dreamy. Amazing work, but if you want to update this, I would fix the end. It cuts off and doesn't let the song ring out, it just abruptly stops. My only complaint. Good work!

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AIM - Ultra Demon Cannibal Force AIM - Ultra Demon Cannibal Force

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It sounds like the compression on the guitars is too hard, too heavy. I'd back up on that a little and turn up the volume ont he guitars. It sounds like everything is being smashed together in the mix except for the drums, those sound clear. The bass is alright too. As for the vocals, I can't understand a thing being said and it sounds garbled. I usually like screaming but....this sounds not well executed in my opinion. The mixing on the vocals really overpowers the rest of the instruments and needs to be mixed differently so it blends with the rest of the song with the right volume, sounds too present, the mixing is too high in the mids and whatever filter is being used is messing with it.

The riffs and overall melody of this piece, not bad, but the guitars need to sound more present and panned out in the mix. Overall I think the vocals kill this piece, and if the issues instrumentally were fixed,this has potential to be a decent metal track, with the current riffs and so on so such. Great drum work and guitar work by the way.

Instrumentally with the issues fixed this would be a better track, mostly it's the mixing that's the issue here, and the vocals. But great job on the instruments, it does fit the picture.

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TSRBand responds:

Thanks so much for the detailed review! Still have a long way to go working with vocals for sure, looking forward to trying a new mix with your advice in mind :D

AIM - 23069601337 AIM - 23069601337

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Woah...Krinkels would love this. I gotta link him to this. I love me some DnB and so does he. Not only does this bring the picture to life, it's very much in the spirit of the Madness series. Impressive atmosphere in the beginning then great buildup and energy. That is some nice bass and percussion...I mean drum and bass! :P

That drop at 1:41 was unexpected, very nice touch. The halftime beat was also a nice touch. I feel some parts are a little repetitive but in the song's entirely not too much, would've liked to see this go on a little longer with another bassline added. Nice work.

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5TanLey responds:

woah... thanks :)

AIM - The Lonely Hermit AIM - The Lonely Hermit

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice, but at the beginning it kind of rings in the mids a little too much with the strings. Other than that, this shows a lot of depth with atmosphere, I love the sounds. It brings a great atmosphere, and reflects the picture greatly, bringing it to life. It sounds more like a movie score with the sounds, or for an animation. It's very ASMR material. Very interesting.

This is very impressive, and different. I love it. I love the transitions too. Amazing job!

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Ectisity responds:

Wow, thanks :D. Really glad you felt that it brought the picture life :D. Tried to make it like a continuation of the art where the character walks around the landscape and it begins to rain from the dark clouds over the mountain.
Get what you said about the strings. I'll try to lower some of them a bit.
Thanks for the review :).

AIM - The bunny crew AIM - The bunny crew

Rated 3 / 5 stars

First mistake: You shouldn't have to tell people to turn their speakers up just because you didn't make the song loud enough. The pads in the background are a bit too quiet, as well as the overall volume of the song.

I love what you did with the drums, very soothing and creative, I like the glitchy effect, and well mixed, but the song has little substance as it's very repetitive. It only has a few real elements, but what IS here so far, isn't bad. I like the pads, that ambient atmosphere is beautiful but needs to be turned up more to take us in that environment more. I like the 8-bit synth at the end but you're introducing a new element as the song is about to end.

It left me wanting more without giving me much. This song has a lot of potential if you added more elements to it and made it longer and not so repetitive, the highlights are the drums and the pads. This makes me think of a more toned down style of Phyrnna, which is a compliment. Reminds me a little of her work but different.

I could say in a way this does fit the artwork, but it needs more melody, more volume, a couple more layers, it feels incomplete, but what you have so far besides that is great. Just needs more work.

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AIM - Gravitational Attraction AIM - Gravitational Attraction

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The mixing needs a lot of work here. Mainly with the drums and upping the bass a little bit, and there is clipping here and there. It's the way you mixed the beginning synth, it takes too much space in the mix, could be mixed differently, maybe turned down a little bit. The drums could be more present in the mix but they hide in the background, the first synth is too loud.

The next lead synth that comes in is nice but some of the notes sort of feel off. The song's melody itself feels a bit repetitive, but it's a nice melody. If the drums and bass popped out more, those should be the main focus of the mix with the synths supporting them. But after a minute or so in the song, the lead comes and goes without any real transition, and it feels abruptly stopped.

The melody is constantly repeating instead of going into new territory. But I do like the half-time switch with the drums. It's a nice switch of rhythm. If this had more variation melody-wise instead of repeating the same thing throughout the whole song, and the mixing was improved, this has potential to be a really solid song, because I really like the feel you're trying to go for, it's a nice concept, but it's got much potential to be brought out.

Hope this helps.

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Kalviter responds:

Cheers! I went through three different bass sounds during this so I was fully aware that the mixing was gonna be weird no matter what, and it got to the stage where I was so frustrated with it I figured I needed some outside input to figure out what exactly I needed to do. I'm kind of abusing the whole "You can get feedback to improve your piece and we'll consider the final version" rule here but if it produces a good song in the end I'll be glad. Thanks once again for your help.

AIM - Breathe AIM - Breathe

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very strange, yet interesting. I like the vibe it gives off. At first I wasn't sure what to think of the melody, but it somehow works. I like the use of effects and it's soothing, and sounds right. I feel the notes of the bass that comes in later on clashes with the melody and is off key, and the bass could come in earlier, would carry the song nicely if it was more on key with the rest, I love the use of sounds here. Other than that, great job.

DarkHorseOrchestra responds:

Do you mean the 808s in the 2nd half of the song or the first verse with the reversed 808? Either way, definitely coulda done more with both. Thanks for the feedback, theyre greatly appreciated!

AIM - Your Masquerade AIM - Your Masquerade

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It has a strong atmospheric opening, but then the energy gets lost with the synth that pops in. I like the percusssion, but sometimes the hihat is offbeat after the first minute. I'm not a fan of the lead synth, sadly to say. The other elements I like though. 2:30, it sounds like another song with the melody, it kind of clashes with the different parts, the different chord changes, they don't fit together to me. The structure is chaotic in the way it sounds like two songs being played at the same time. It would work if the instruments were on key together.

I also feel there are elements missing from this song that could bring out it's full potential. It's a bit repetitive with the lead synth. I feel the structure needs work, but it has potential to be a great song, there are pieces of it i like. Keep at it, hope this feedback helps.

DarkHorseOrchestra responds:

Thanks for the feedback!