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Original Anime Short Scene Original Anime Short Scene

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Near perfect, only complaint is how the mouths move are a bit of fbecause they're missing a frame or two inbetween opening and closing frames. Other than that, you're one of my new favorites. Can't wait to see it all.

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BestofNesia responds:

Thanks! I'm thinking of re animating the mouth movements for that part since it's not as smooth as other parts of the episode so far.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hilarious, and shows how much of a masterpiece pixel art can be. Great voice acting, music, and original characters. It's amazing you can get all this composed, drawn, animated, and all that. You guys are multitalented. It's amazing to me. Also amazing you got the voice actors you did. Great job. The fact you made this in a year is insane. Way to go!

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teaandcheese responds:

Thank you :D

Dwarf's Rage Dwarf's Rage

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Love the animation, overall it has some comedy, so I chuckled a bit, but I didn't see the point, I feel it needed a bit more context and a little more than the short 47 seconds we have here. It's quality in art, music, and sounds, but the writin needs a little work. Still kinda funny though. Good job.

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NickUrs responds:

Thanks! Sure. It will be better in next time! ;-)

Platformer Pests 2 Platformer Pests 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Artwork is good, but I kind of feel the opening voice wasn't needed, the text explains it all. It messes with the flow of narraration since you switch without a voice. Also the second song that loops gets interrupted, making for not a smooth loop. Also, some of the text kinda jumps fast before I get a chance to read the story so it feels rushed and I don't want to pause to read it.

The animation and art I like, but the close up shots like around 3:24 really put off the vibe with the changing art style, throws it off. The writing needs a lot of work. It feels like it just drags on and doesn't really keep my attention, sadly. I like the music. Also the fact the voice actors are missing makes this look incomplete and overall not as good as it could be.

If you had all the voices, the text wouldnt even be necessary through most of it, it's kinda annoying to listen to a voice and look at the text at the same time. Good choice of music though and pleasing, some things to work on, voice actor audio quality needs work instead of sounding compressed, I feel like this could be uploaded in HD.

Keep on workin, you'll improve as you go, it's cool you got to collab with all these great folks, and make something with original characters.

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thepixelizer responds:

I mainly added text boxes because not all of my characters have mouths, without them it would be hard to tell which characters are talking, the Narrator was mostly put there as a hook, because reading a bunch of text at the beginning might have been boring.

Well I'm glad you liked the character designs and music choices, I never noticed that the higher resolution close up sprites would be jarring thanks for that call.

Sorry for the dragging, but good news, the next episode will have more action.

Thanks for the review it really helps.

Retro Maniac (Pixel Day) Retro Maniac (Pixel Day)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Well, we were aiming for original content, not characters from games, and the music used in this is kinda copyrighted and not credited in the credits, as far as I know. :/ Credits are important, always, but even then, can't use music from games. The 3D was okay but...needs work, and it was a bit short and...I can't say I enjoyed it personally...I'm sorry. :c I'll have to disqualify this for stolen music and referring to copyrighted characters...sorry.

I appreciate you contributing to the holiday though, makes me happy that people do. Keep workin hard and keep improvin, never give up and keep goin doing what you love! :)

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JoshuaCrown responds:

Thank you for the honest review

About the Characters
Sorry about that, i realised a little late that i needed original characters and knew i would be disqualified. i didn't realise tagging it with pixelday would make you still have to review it, sorry.

For the Music
The two songs i used were from Opengameart under the creative commons Zero (cc0) license which does not require attribution.
I still tried to attributed them but had trouble finding the links(songs) again

But if you meant the contra and sunset riders sound effects at the start, again my sincere apologies for that, i was trying to use them as easter egg references to their respective games, but i will edit them out and update the movie file.
Thank you for warning me

About the 3D
This was my first time trying pixel art so i agree that i still need a lot of practise and improvement. Thanks for pointing it out.

No need to apologise it is fine :D

And thank you so much for the encouraging words at the end

Living with Lolly EP2 Living with Lolly EP2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That last part about the mom being an "actress" cracked me up. Great voices, and it's great to see my friend Nikki-Chi in this. Good job guys! :)

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KenOhSama responds:

Ah thank you ^_^ it was really wonderful working with Nikki

Dab Gently Around Wound Dab Gently Around Wound

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I was wondering when you would upload another animation, been too long! Missed ya! :D Love your work! Lol cute xD

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LaSylvestre responds:

Too righteous. Thanks, didn't mean to keep you hanging haha

Gunmetal Black Ep 24 Gunmetal Black Ep 24

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Forgot you used my music in this xD haha thanks. Awesome, been looking foward to this. Music is a bit quiet though. Forgot to credit my music though meh oh well. Awesome though, sounds were a little off timing, but i imagine this was hard to save after a dying computer. Good job still.

Kel-chan responds:

Sry I'll update the credits

Animated Booty Compilation Animated Booty Compilation

Rated 0 / 5 stars

No, this is not youtube, NG is a place for things you made, not others...:/

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StaticSkull responds:

Got it!

Fisheye Placebo: Hello World! Chapter 1 [English Dub] Fisheye Placebo: Hello World! Chapter 1 [English Dub]

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I hate to tell you this, but I don't think this is really the type of thing to upload to newgrounds if you didn't do the artwork. This is more of a youtube thing. I think it would only work if she came to newgrounds and got credited as the artist.

Now with all that said, this is good, and some of the intellectual property is yours, but in the case of newgrounds rules i would guess this isn't really allowed, even with permission. But you might have to ask Tom about that. I think it would only be allowed if the original artist had a newgrounds account for credit (using the project system to attach credit on the left).

Good job with the voices though, the voice actors should get accounts on newgrounds too for credit and to help them find more work on here. I've been here for years so just my advice.

It's why I'm going halfway with the rating. If it was all yours i would give a full 5 stars for it being an itneresting motion comic. Truth be told, I have ideas I wish I could find a manga artist or animator to bring out to life.

WAConline responds:

I credited her in the credits and everything. But I don't think she likes this place very much. :c
She has in account on here but it won't show it because she hasn't been on it for so long. :c

But I can take the videos down if you want? I only did hoping for people to look at her art more. But if you want I can take it down, Just message me. :c

If Yuumei ever comes to Newgrounds just message me okay and I'll put the video up with her name.